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    Extended Battery with shell cover/holster combo work in HD dock?

    I just found out that the Extended Battery is 50% off and so I bought it and now I have to exchange my case because I had the silicone one but it won't work with the extended battery. I am wondering if the HD Dock can did the Bionic when it has the extended battery and shell case/holster on.
  2. J

    Motorola Droid Bionic SD Card Delete Error

    I had the OG DROID too but I switched from my OG DROID memory card to the one in the Bionic because it is a Grade 4 instead of the Grade 2 found on the OG.
  3. J

    LapDock micro HDMI to TV

    Does the LapDock have a plug for the HDMI so you can plug it to your TV?
  4. J

    Apps mysteriously uninstalling

    I agree, and when I save the apps to the SD card it will start to delete them off the SD card and say blah blah blah and it won't let me open the app! I want to put all my apps that can be saved on the SD card on the SD card because I want as much memory free for the phone to be faster...
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    HD Dock

    I have the HD Dock for the Bionic as well. I like it a lot. I think it is worth the extra $50 when compared to the Standard Dock because of the ability to use the Webtop software and you can use the HDMI cord(which is sold seperately) as a mirror mode to view pictures, videos, or play music...
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    Motorola Droid Bionic SD Card Delete Error

    Do you think it will get fixed? I just think that your phone runs faster with more memory available!
  7. J

    Motorola Droid Bionic SD Card Delete Error

    I just bought my Bionic on the 9th and I am noticing a problem. Sometimes my apps will disappear and I look under the app management area and it will say blah blah blah and say it is saved to the SD card but wont recognize the app. I put all my appear on internal storage but I would...
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    USB on HD Docking Station

    Ok, thanks!
  9. J

    USB on HD Docking Station

    What is the point or purpose of having the USB ports on the back of the dock? How do you use the webtop application with the dock?
  10. J

    Case for extended battery

    To be completely honest, I am not very happy with HTC for making a phone with such horrible battery life. If the phone cannot make it through a full days use, then it shouldn't be on the market.