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    GF hates ICS

    I got both of us Bionics last spring and I rooted mine and intalled Eclipse right away while she kept hers stock. she just got the ICS update and it doesnt work for her. is it too late to root her phone and put Eclipse 3.0 on for her.
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    nIceCream theme gave me 2 battery symbols.

    I now have another battery symbol with a checkmark in it.... right next to the blue battery. whats that for?
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    ad-hoc vs infrastructure

    can anyone help me choose a phone that supports infrastructure mode? Im using the latest version of wifi tether for root users on my Bionic which runs in infrastructure mode, but it has very weak transmit power. My droid 1 blasts out a great signal, but only supports ad-hoc. I want to connect...
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    configure power widget

    is there a way to configure the power widget? also is there a widget to toggle from 4g to 3g? thanks
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    OG user preparing to flash eclipse 2.2 on new (to me) Bionic

    Hello. I just got my new phone, rooted it with the 902 exploit and all seems to be in place for backing up and trying a couple new ROMs. can someone verify that i have done my homework correctly? first I need to load Safestrap and backup my current ROM, Then I can boot into recovery and load...
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    OG droid user looking to upgrade

    Hi, I have a droid 1 that I hired someone to root and install a custom rom on a few years ago. I never messed with it because it worked so perfectly. the rom was called Ultimate Droid. recently I started getting very bogged down so I started reading this forum and learning. I now have a...