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    Battery Pack or Charger for Razr Maxx HD

    I work long hours on the road. I'd like to have a portable charging option because I am a heavy user and some days I'm away 18 hours from home. I don't like car chargers because I've had mixed results with them. Often I would feel my previous phone, Droid X overheating when using them. . Has...
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    Went crazy my first day!! Razr Maxx HD but phone was heating up?!

    I just purchased my new Razr Maxx HD.. I have it on unlimited data for 4G.. I initially put it on the charger for 2 or 3 hours... Powered it on, activated it.. The battery reading 100%... I have audible with quite a few audio books so I decided to put 4g through it's paces.. On the first day I...