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  1. LocoRon

    2012 Year in Review: Best 5 Android Smartphones

    Galaxy Note II, all the way! I haven't been able to afford one just yet (and I might save my money for the Note III next year). But... it's definitely the most innovate line right now (as far as things I'm interested in, anyway). I guess some of the software innovations have been ported over...
  2. LocoRon

    widget selection screen

    The problem isn't that the text is missing; the problem is that the text is the same color as the background. (At least on my phone, using ADW Ex.) If you hold your finger on one of the options, it will be highlighted and you can read the text. Then, if it's not the right widget, slide your...
  3. LocoRon

    Google Play Store Reviews Now Require Your Google Plus Account

    I noticed this awhile ago with Places. I absolutely hate it. Since it also posts the review (or any photos you post in Places) to your public stream*. I hated Facebook for making certain information public, and I'm hating G+ for it now, too. The good thing about circles was that you were...
  4. LocoRon

    Sony's Credit Rating Now Downgraded by Moody's to One Step Above Junk

    Same here (subscribed to Rdio just last month); really glad I held onto my unlimited data plan! I can finally start putting it to use (without resorting to tethering). dancedroid As for streaming video vs bluray, I'm with trestevenson on this one. Blurays have better picture quality, no need...
  5. LocoRon

    NVIDIA CEO Says that Good Tablets are Better than Cheap PCs

    I'm in college now... and I am doing exactly that. ...Sort of. Earlier this year, I used my Xoom and BT keyboard (but no mouse) in my Java class (thanks Terminal IDE!). In September, I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, hoping to have an even better note-taking experience...
  6. LocoRon

    look for a Scheduler app - unique

    There actually is a Franklin Planner app, for Galaxy Note 10.1. Samsung Apps That's just a trial version, though. I guess the full version is coming out... sometime?
  7. LocoRon

    Sony's Credit Rating Now Downgraded by Moody's to One Step Above Junk

    Man, I still kind of love my old MD player. The hardware really was fantastic. Unfortunately, shortly after I got it, I switched to Linux. The only way to get new music on the disks then was to record them manually... like recording on an old cassette. It was totally worth it, though! ...At...
  8. LocoRon

    What have YOU done with Tasker?

    You can uninstall any apps you've purchased from the Play store without worries. :) Google will keep track of your purchases, and you can download them again (from the same account) any time you want, on any Android device you own. :) If you've rooted your phone, I do recommend backing up the...
  9. LocoRon

    Galaxy Note II Video Comparison of the Marble White vs. Titanium Grey Colors

    Yeah, that's exactly what I thought about the Note 10.1. White devices can be nice for a change of pace, but that particular implementation definitely looks cheap. I ended up getting the Grey model, and it's absolutely beautiful in-person, so I suspect the same will hold for the Note 2. :D
  10. LocoRon

    HP Planning to 'aggressively attack' Smartphone & Tablet Market with Android Devices

    A $99 7" tablet would be fantastic. All I really want it for is reading some ebooks, so the hardware doesn't have to be that fantastic. Just so long as it's not stuttering out of the box, or likely to die in a year... Of course, at $99, this would be pretty much the electronic world's...
  11. LocoRon

    What have YOU done with Tasker?

    Silent mode will disable all system wide sounds etc (notifications sounds for incoming calls, email and various other incoming messages), and will still allow sounds from your mp3 player, your alarm clock, etc. I don't know of any specific article explaining it, I just know from my own use (I...
  12. LocoRon

    What have YOU done with Tasker?

    You're welcome. Hopefully it works out. :)
  13. LocoRon

    Droid 4 with no more root access still has a useless SU (Superuser) app

    Unfortunately, I can't remember if I had to do a backup of my settings or not. I had already backed up my settings with TiB prior to the ICS OTA (and thus, before losing root functionality); I don't think I needed to restore them.
  14. LocoRon

    ideas for android app

    Open Tasker, and in the Profiles tab, press the green plus to create a new profile. You can name it if you want. Press the green check mark to confirm your choice and move on. Now you need to select the first context. Tap Application. It will build a list of applications that are available...
  15. LocoRon

    What have YOU done with Tasker?

    You can create a named task that is not associated with any particular event. This is helpful if you know you'll be using that particular task with multiple profiles, or you don't really want to attach it to a profile, and instead call it some other way (eg, through a widget on your homescreen...
  16. LocoRon

    ideas for android app

    Display -> Display Rotation -> Off I think that should do it. And then, create an exit task that sets the display rotation back to on. :)
  17. LocoRon

    [Rumor] Google May Have Strong-Armed Acer to Stop Their Aliyun OS-based Smartphone

    My thoughts exactly. Acer could still download the source and continue to make Android phones. They may not be able to continue to include the Google stuff, but I don't think that'd be a really big impediment (I bet they could convince Amazon to let them use the Amazon app store instead). I...
  18. LocoRon

    ideas for android app

    You should be able to both of these really easily with Tasker.
  19. LocoRon

    Gigantic Marketing Blunder Leads to 'ethics investigation' in Nokia Lumia 920 Ad Not exactly the original.... pretty close though. ;)
  20. LocoRon

    NexPhone Smartphone Wants to Be The All In One Device

    It's a neat idea. I'd really like for them to make the interface a standard; let any company use the interface, free of charge. Then you can get different companies making phones and dummy terminals. That's when this could really shine. Schools, libraries, etc. can offer these terminals...