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    How to stop the annoying OTA update notification?

    Hey Guys and Gals, I have a Sprint Galaxy S3 stock rooted with CWM recovery. I get the OTA update everyday but since I have clockwork recovery it never installs. How can I stop the OTA message prompt? I also have Root Explorer but I don't know what files to delete. Thanks in advance.
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    Sprint Galaxy S3. Should I update?

    Thank you :biggrin:
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    Sprint Galaxy S3. Should I update?

    Hello All, I have the Sprint G3 on 4.1.1 and I just got the message of a new System update but I'm afraid to loose Root Access. I have the Voodoo OTA RootKeeper, will that retain Root Access after the update? Thanks
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    [ROM STABLE] Bugless Beast V0.6.1 (Gingerbread/Froyo)

    I guess this mean another freaking wipe and start all over! ;( Living in the edge is crazy!
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    Make your phone run like when you first installed bugless

    I love Handsent and my phone has no issues with it!
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    Android 2.2.1 Stop OTA Patch

    Does this actually works? Because Pete said the same thing with the V0.4 Patch and after I installed I was still getting the OTA notifications. Can someone confirm that it works?
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    [Theme] 928Droid Black Glass 2.2x for DROID 1 !!!

    Bbv05 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    [THEME PACK] Get your theme on!

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    The Ultimate Droid 2.3.0 - All Devices - D1, INC, EVO 4G, Desire CDMA & GSM

    The 3D Drawer of Launcher Pro doesn't work with this ROM!!!!!!!!!!?? It gets stuck
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    UD v1.0.0 Swype issue....

    Does anybody knows how to fix Swype. I ran the Fix Permissions and still not working. Always FC'c :( This ROM is starting to be really annoying...
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    Pandora 1.5 issue in UD8

    Same thing here!!! :(
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    Ultimate Droid issues, please assist?

    Thanks for the advice! Wireless tether and drocap are fixed... pandora still not. Thanks for the help!
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    Ultimate Droid issues, please assist?

    Thanks for the fast responce. Can you explain how to do thatxif you dont mind?
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    Ultimate Droid issues, please assist?

    Hi, I've been using this rom for a while. I just realized that app like Pandora,Wireless Tether and Drocap are not opening, always giving me force close. Does anyboby knows a fix for this? I unistalled, clear the cach and reinstalled and still no go. Ultimate Droid 1.0.0 Urban Black...
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    To the creator of this Rom...

    I've been using BB since day one and I was a big fan of Pete. After my disappointment with v.04 and the OTA annoying notifications I desired to try BB v.05 and it was a big fail for my phone, even after cleared and wiping 5 times. Anyway, I was afraid to try other Roms because I was so use to...
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    BB v.04 and OTA annoying issue, need some advise....

    No problem, Thanks anyway man.
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    BB v.04 and OTA annoying issue, need some advise....

    Hi all! I'm running BB v.04 and after running the freaking OTA, I still get frequently asked to update again. I also installed the update zip patch that Pete have on his page and still getting prompted to download the OTA. Does anybody have a solution for this?? Thanks!
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    928Droid for BB v0.5

    Yes, Where is it?????
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    YYEEAHHH!!!!! :icon_ banana:dancedroid
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    This is exactly what I'm waiting to update v.04 to v.05. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!