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  1. ltlbsteed

    HELP! Looking for stock Bionic battery icons...

    Ya, probably true. I did end up flashing using the fastboot method. I couldn't get the RDSLite method to work.
  2. ltlbsteed

    HELP! Looking for stock Bionic battery icons...

    I may have to give it a shot... I just hope Big Red doesn't have a way to tell. Does your Bionic have issues like I described? Seems like fairly widespread problems from what I've read... Sucks cuz this phone kicks ass in so many other ways.
  3. ltlbsteed

    HELP! Looking for stock Bionic battery icons...

    Ya, I did know that was an option, I was just really hoping to avoid a full SBF/FXZ... Have you tried that yet?
  4. ltlbsteed

    HELP! Looking for stock Bionic battery icons...

    I'm returning my Bionic because of the unbearable whine/buzz coming through the headphone jack & the horrific lack of responsiveness of the camera. The problem is, I used jrummy's ROM Toolbox to change my battery icon, and for the life of me haven't figured out where to find the stock ones. I've...
  5. ltlbsteed

    LCD density changes causes Bionic camera to force close

    I've been running my Bionic at an LCD density of 220 for a few days now, but hadn't tried to use the camera until today. It opens for about a third of a second and then force closes. At first I wasn't sure what caused it, since I hadn't launched the camera app since right after I booted up for...
  6. ltlbsteed

    Liberty Gingerbread Official Bug Reports

    Stuck @ Bootloader Hey devs! So I downloaded the Froyo to Gingerbread install from the rom manager last night, but didn't wait up to install it. Woke up this morning and clicked the notification to install the update: Liberty Settings fc'd. So.... re-downloaded the install file through Liberty...
  7. ltlbsteed

    Show how you roll liberty 2.0.1

    Here's how I'm rollin'....
  8. ltlbsteed

    Droid X Custom Boot Logo I'll create

    Yes, I found it now... I guess I just haven't had enough coffee yet...
  9. ltlbsteed

    Droid X Custom Boot Logo I'll create

    Sure enough, leaving the last two bytes fixed it. Thanks much! I know this isn't a Gimp forum, but I have Gimp 2.6 and there isn't an "advanced" option on the "save as" pop-up. Maybe it's a plug-in I'm missing or something.... ***Nevermind. I'm just a little mental today obviously. I FOUND THE...
  10. ltlbsteed

    Droid X Custom Boot Logo I'll create

    262078. I've used both gimp and paint to edit my images, and ya, I'm making sure I have selected all before reversing... Maybe I should try NOT reversing them just for ****s and giggles and see what happens. I'll try leaving the last two bytes alone as well. Thanks for the input Dr. :) Actually...
  11. ltlbsteed

    Droid X Custom Boot Logo I'll create

    Inverting colors???? Hey guys, I'm hoping one of you all can help me... I found some instructions on creating these - basically where you take a 480x182 24bit .bmp, flip it horizontally, edit in Frhed (remove first 54 bytes and the last 2 bytes, then reverse the code), save as logo.bin, and...
  12. ltlbsteed

    Liberty ROM - v. 2.0

    I admit it took me a sec to realize you have to scroll down for more options too. :) O, and I was able to get SLCMotor's file to work - but haven't been able to benchmark. It looks like you were using SD Tools by Veluscek Ales??? That app keeps crashing on me about 1/3 of the way through the...
  13. ltlbsteed

    Liberty ROM - v. 2.0

    Long press the file in root explorer, it brings up more options - select "view as text" and it should display the value. I'm having trouble getting this patch to take, so if you have luck let us know. :)
  14. ltlbsteed

    Liberty ROM - v. 2.0

    Question SLCMotor: after creating this file, fixing permission, and rebooting, should the value in read_ahead_kb reflect the replaced value? I think i did everything right and changed the value to 2048 but read_ahead_kb still says 128.
  15. ltlbsteed

    Liberty home screens!

    Here's how I'm rolling today... by the way xxxdroidxxx yours looks awesomely sick!
  16. ltlbsteed

    What are my options to make my stock X look better?

    Other than my status bar, my look is achievable with the stock rom: I use LPP, CircleLauncher, Clockr Evolution, and Beautiful Widgets...
  17. ltlbsteed

    Question regarding Google Calendar

    I don't have the answer db306 but I DO have the same problem and would sure love to be able to fix it. Anyone else having this issue or figured out how to fix?
  18. ltlbsteed

    Droid X support AJAX & Tiled Mapping???

    Hey guys! I'm having trouble with a particular website - it's a fleet tracking website with an interactive map that isn't displaying properly, well at all really. The website developers tell me I require a device that supports Java (which I know my X does), AJAX, and Tiled Mapping. Anyone know...
  19. ltlbsteed

    Incompatible interactive website - Android issue???

    HELP!!! I've been searching for weeks for a solution to my problem: there is a specific website I use for work a LOT and I have been unable to pull it up properly on my Droid X. I've tried various browsers: stock, dolphin, opera, miren, xscope, skyfire, fennec - all with the same results. The...