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  1. slimpirudude

    If you had to pick one ROM...

    I have honestly tried like every rom. Funny thing is I only got the bolt less than 2 months ago Ha. But..I stick with cm7 daily driver due to its super fast , awesome battery life , and easy to use. If interested go to thunderbolt development and check it out. Also if want something new try ics...
  2. slimpirudude

    Migration from Fission worth it?

    Ur phone, ur choice. Sent using Tapatalk
  3. slimpirudude

    Can't Install AOSP on my T-Bolt

    Try mounting and wiping system aswell as data cache dalvik. Works for me. Sent from my HTC Thunderboltt using droid forums app...
  4. slimpirudude

    Battery calibration questions

    Hello all. I have been getting below stock level batt life on several tons and kernels lately. I am curious as to calibrating the battery goes, what is best way, an app from market, or clockwork or what. Also, I know they all say to charge to full then calibrate, remove charger then fully...
  5. slimpirudude

    Stock bolt says upgrade available.

    Thanks :) always nice to actually recieve a update, my old phone never did so nice change! Did you get it yet? Sent from my HTC Thunderbolt
  6. slimpirudude

    Stock bolt says upgrade available.

    Thx for the help. Took it and now on 2.3.4. Sent from my HTC Thunderbolt
  7. slimpirudude

    Stock bolt says upgrade available.

    This phone is still running 2.2.1. How am I supposed to know what upgrade tis is, it doesn't say on notification? Should I allow it or no? Will it wipe my data?? Thanks Sent from my HTC Thunderbolt
  8. slimpirudude

    Revolution vs tb

    On my Droid I used z4root to root, what is easiest method to root and unroot the bolt? One other question with regards to that, is Motorola uses rsdlite and .sbf file, what is the equivalent? Thanks in advance for any help. Sent from my Thunderbolt
  9. slimpirudude

    Bolt on 2.2.1

    I just got my bolt today too, I'm curious...have we already/when will we get gb? Sent from my Thunderbolt
  10. slimpirudude

    New to the thunderbolt area..

    Hello all, I just bought my thunderbolt from a buddy who only used it for 2 months and man do I love this thing! It isn't my 1st smartphone as I'm coming from a Droid 2 global. I had my d2g rooted, romed and everything but it had locked bootloader and only a few roms due to the global part. I...
  11. slimpirudude

    default photo for 'unknown' callers?

    What app at you referring to y0 Sent from my Thunderbolt
  12. slimpirudude

    Networking Thesis

    Can u enlighten me as to what you did to increase 3g? Sent from my Thunderbolt
  13. slimpirudude

    Phone stuck at red moto logo, need help

    while at stock recovery (the exclamation mark) press the magnifying glass on your hard keyboard. That will bring up options. From there use the volume keys to move up or down, and the camera button to select. Any questions just let me know. Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums
  14. slimpirudude

    [ROM BETA] Fenom ROM 0.9.x

    where are the themes? Can I successfully use hexen or angel themes on this rom? Thanks. Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums
  15. slimpirudude

    fenom rom (themes)?

    I am currently back to running froyo roms due to bad battery life on gb. So I am running fenom .9.6 at the moment and it is a pretty nice rom. My question is, where are the themes for this rom, and also do hexen themes work on this rom??? Thanks. Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums
  16. slimpirudude

    Your Liquid Setup

    I loveeee ur setup. Id really like to get mine like that!! the wallpaprr of that sexy chick, can get that? And help with getting all the widgets ect set up like urs?? Thankss. Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums
  17. slimpirudude

    battery life problems

    Yes I have on every rom. . Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums EDIT:::::: I have now noticed something that might be useful info for someone to help me out with... when I charge to full and let it discgarge, everytime it gets to 70 something it jumps down to 30 something. Then when...
  18. slimpirudude

    Hacking/tweaking 3G settings and the radio driver

    Wow...which one did u use to getthose results? The build prop or one where hook it up to computer and all that? Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums
  19. slimpirudude

    battery life problems

    hey guys I'm a little confused,need some advise here. I have used about every rom possible, and have a pretty good idea of what's good battle life for my phone and what isn't..lately I have been getting awful, even compared to people with same phone and same rom. I am not sure why, I've done...
  20. slimpirudude


    Hey guys i was wondering whats best way(s) to set voltage for each speed im clocked at. Setcpu doesnt let me do this, and i do not have quickclock 1. 9 or up. I really need to change the voltages as its killin myb batt life Sent from my DROID2 GLOBAL using DroidForums