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  1. Wayneb02

    2.3 Update

    To my knowledge it got pulled for being so buggy.. And to the people that are using it, root your phone. Sounds scary if you aren't very tech savvy but it is really easy and worth it Sent from my ADR6300 using DroidForums
  2. Wayneb02

    multiple problems after update

    Do a factory reset
  3. Wayneb02

    Gingerbread update?

    Pretty much nobody knows, the rumor was mid october. And nothing so far. So I would just try and be patient. It'll get here someday... hopefully
  4. Wayneb02

    problems with the Swype input method

    Go into the settings and change the speed vs accuracy. Actually scratch that, check and see if your swype is in the right language. Right next to sym on the keyboard make sure it says en for english
  5. Wayneb02

    Help Please? :\ Not able to update to Z6 OTA.

    I think somebody posted the update on another forum. I don't know if I'm allowed to post a link to another forum or not
  6. Wayneb02

    Live wallpapers

    I have the stripper one. But I only use it when I'm hanging out with my guy friends as a joke. I also use a beer one lol
  7. Wayneb02

    Gallery not letting me access my photos

    Try taking your sd card out and putting it back in
  8. Wayneb02

    Assigning ringtones for Notifications

    Click on account a and go to settings and change notification sound. Then go to the email account b and do the same to that one
  9. Wayneb02

    LG Repulsive!!!

    Get the extended battery, its ugly as hell but it is worth it
  10. Wayneb02

    Phone case

    Probably not any case but u can probably get a holster
  11. Wayneb02

    Can't connect to Apple MacBook Pro

    Worked for me. Hit ignore and wait a couple of seconds and it should pop up on your desktop. Two things popped up "no name" and "internal"
  12. Wayneb02

    Faster Revo

    Im a little late, but better late than never. My phone was being laggy too so I went to the display setting and changed the setting from show all animations to show some animations and this seems to have helped A LOT. My phone isn't lagging at all now
  13. Wayneb02

    LG Repulsive!!!

    Every phone has its flaws.
  14. Wayneb02

    Screen went black, now nothing..

    The rebooting is an issue. But the black screen isn't. That is apps conflicting with the phone.
  15. Wayneb02

    Screen went black, now nothing..

    Btw I haven't downloaded another sound toggle app and I haven't had the problem anymore
  16. Wayneb02

    Screen went black, now nothing..

    It happened to me twice. Both times during a reboot. And both times I had different apps to toggle my ringer from sound/vibrate/silent. And both times it was on silent. At least that's the only thing I can think of that was the same both times
  17. Wayneb02

    Screen went black, now nothing..

    When it happened top me I held it down til the directions came up. So I'm not really sure when you are technically supposed to let go
  18. Wayneb02

    Screen went black, now nothing..

    You just lost everything. Have to do a hard reset. Hold the power and volume down button to turn on and follow the directions
  19. Wayneb02

    lg revolution led indicator blink

    When uploading a picture to facebook using the fb for lg app the led flashes. So there should be a way to make it flash for notifications Sent from my VS910 4G using DroidForums
  20. Wayneb02

    Live wallpapers

    Yes, long press on the screen, then in the bottom right wallpapers should show up. Tap that then in the top left wallpapers should show up, tap that and three options should show up. One of them being live wallpapers Sent from my VS910 4G using DroidForums