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  1. joker402

    Portrait Docks.

    Yea thats the one. Hmm. I guess we will have to wait.
  2. joker402

    Portrait Docks.

    Has any one seen any docks that can be used verticaly? I saw the Inndocell JR from Sedio but have seen any one use it yet.
  3. joker402

    Just ordered a Otterbox Commuter

    Any real world pics on this yet?
  4. joker402

    LED control yet?

    Hows battery life? I figured we probly would have to wait untill CM9.
  5. joker402

    Taking Apart the RAZR

    Post pics of damage.
  6. joker402

    What are YOU looking for in a custom ROM?

    Dark backround and white font for sms (or match the Contacts appercence) Native LED contol Powercontrol in the notification Volume fix
  7. joker402

    LED control yet?

    Any one figure out how to work the LED yet to customize the notifications? I know you can use lightflow but id like something more native or more flexible to control things like word fued, WWF, ect
  8. joker402

    Vzw in ICS training

    Pre orders usally arrive on the day its realsed in store. Some people have been lucky enough to get it before but that seems to had died down. Still preorder is better if rumors of online only pan our (possiblity since almost no marketting is up yet and its a nexus).
  9. joker402

    Vzw in ICS training

    Thats a rare coinsurance in the cell phone industry.
  10. joker402

    Vzw in ICS training

    Untill you work in the industry (former Big Red employee) you wont know how much dumber customers (not every one of course) are than reps. Some of the things I saw made me just shake my head. Yea there were some people that I wondered who they "knew" to get a job there but wow customers take the...
  11. joker402

    [ROM] [ROM] SHIFT3R 2.3.1 TPaX (11/06/2011)

    im still on ReBURRED Therory can i just flash over and not lose data?
  12. joker402

    [ROM] [ROM] SHIFT3R 2.3.1 TPaX (11/06/2011)

    So if im on 2.0 can I just flash this and not lose my data? Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk
  13. joker402

    No LED?

    Did any one catch to see if there was an LED notification light on the phone? I didnt see it.
  14. joker402

    Curved screen

    Considering the X was the first phone advertised with it, you should be fine. I just cant wait untill SGP gets there hands on this.
  15. joker402

    [ROM] [R3]BLURR3D V2.0 PBX MOTO Kernel (10/22/2011)

    So ill lose all my data? Lol ok Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk
  16. joker402

    [ROM] [R3]BLURR3D V2.0 PBX MOTO Kernel (10/22/2011)

    i just installed but now i have no camera/camcorder.
  17. joker402

    The "New" New Phone Rumor Mill

    Droid SuperAMOLED qHD screen.... Sent from my Xoom using Tapatalk
  18. joker402

    3D blur and lockscreen

    In to find out. Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  19. joker402

    Mororola Droid Bionic Ads Arrive at Best Buy

    I thought the iPhone 4 was VGA? Anyways I call say that for FFC you don't need high MP. Do high MP mean nice quality? Yes but its not that noticible. On my Xoom, charge, TB, evolution and of galaxy tap it was all the same quality when I video chat with others. Atleast to me it didn't make that...