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    Verizon Pixel XL Bootloader Has Been Unlocked

    Verizon isn't going to do anything about this. The galaxy Nexus was the same way. Everyone swore it would be locked up tight. It wasn't at all.
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    Is the Nexus 6 the nexus we were looking for?

    Honestly Verizon nearly ruined the Nexus line for me. As a person that was a day 1 Android guy with the HTC G1, I found it a bit disheartening to see what they did to the Galaxy Nexus. Slow updates, the loss (for a period of time at least) of AOSP support, and then to top it off the cut the life...
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    BREAKING! MotoX and New Droids Should Be Able To Load Roms!

    I can oonly see major issues coming from a MotoX rom. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it took them a good bit of time to make that software to the point where it wouldn't totally destroy battery life. I think with the features that phone has, it's best left alone.
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    Verizon Comes Up With Crafty New Way to Entice Folks Out of Unlimited Plans

    yet another thread ruined by the whole "tethering is evil..." debate the devolved into some other stuff
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    Moto Boss Slams SGS4 & HTC in Favor of Moto X; Makes Some Solid Arguments

    I've been saying since before quad core phones came about, that phones are currently going through their own version of the "MHz myth" that happened with desktops and laptops years ago. I think eventually people will come to the conclusion that specs are overrated and experience triumphs specs...
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    Samsung & Google Working on Next-Gen Nexus 10; Could be First Key Lime Pie Device

    1st device with KLP being a tablet that won't sell well? Numbers weren't exactly hot for the original Nexus 10 and I fully believe they learned their lesson from the Xoom
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    Editorial: Is the Moto X Really Just a Droid Ultra in Sheep's Clothing?

    Not sure this works anymore. Had a friend recently try to sneak an upgrade by adding an additional line and then switching it out to a "dumphone" he was told he'd be billed the remainder of the unsubsidized price if he chose to do so...
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    WalMart Customer Finds Listing Showing the Nexus 10 'In Stock' Early

    Department code and item number are cut out.
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    [Rumor] Google to Unveil 3 New Nexus Devices at Playground Event Plus Android 4.2

    So they're going to release 4.2 but it's still Jelly Bean? Does this not make sense to anyone else?
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    Samsung Plans to Sue Apple if They Release an LTE iPhone

    I'm going to say that there is a 1% chance that Apple while in the midst of litigation with Samsung would not have done their homework on what LTE patents Samsung does potentially possess. Even given that 1% I would say there is a .1% chance that they would knowingly violate patents of a company...
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    Breaking News - In the Case of Apple vs. Samsung: Samsung found Guilty

    No idea why people are so shocker or upset over this verdict? Samsung presented NO defense throughout the whole trial. "It's ok if we copy because Apple copied the tech from someone else andtheir patent should't be valid..." is NOT a defense. They tried to use the tech equivalent of "vigilante...
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    BREAKING: Motorola Unlocks Your Device Via "Unlock My Device"

    Well I guess we will be seeing rather soon seeing as the S3 just got cracked. If anyone's service gets terminated because of it we will know Big Red is serious
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    Samsung Reveals World's First Cortex A15 SoC: Exynos 5 Dual (5250); Speedy Future

    I've been saying for over a year now that the mobile scene in general is going through a repeat of the Mhz Myth. Once again the general public has forgotten that the processor speed is often times not the limiting factor in performance. I think as both Android and iOS become more stable you will...
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    Perry Mason-like Drama Emerges From Samsung v. Apple Fight; Judge Koh "visibly upset"

    There IS a reason they chose to go to court in California. As usual they have their freak bastardization of the law that let's stuff like this happen. They are limited to 35 interrogatories. This case will be appealed no matter what the outcome because of California.
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    Samsung's Breakthrough OLED Displays with 350ppi Will Soon Surpass iPhone Retina

    In other news, Apple filed suit claiming that they originally developed the technology for 350ppi screens. Internal documents show that on August 3rd 2012, Apple will say that "More pixels is only common sense. We need to patents that. Hell lets patent common sense while were at it."
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    Samsung Legal Filing Reveals Different Picture than Apple Claims; Apple Stole Ideas

    You can't really believe that Samsung would perjure themselves in a lawsuit that that could cost them BILLIONS. They know every piece of item of evidence is going to be scrutinized and looked over with a fine tooth comb.
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    Nexus 7 Touchscreen Defect Surfaces

    I wonder if he's running stock JB or a rom. I remember people reporting touch screen issues with ICS on the Galaxy Nexus, but from what I recall all of those were ROMs and not released versions.
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    Sony Announces New Android 4.0 Walkman

    Thank God there hasnt been a good mp3 player alternative to the ipod since creative went down hill
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    [Updated & Confirmed]: Google and Asus Team Up on Nexus 7 Android Jelly Bean Tablet

    I'll get one because I love toys but it will probably be sold rather quickly. Even 16GB is too little storage for a portable device that isn't meant to be used strictly in the home. GoogleDrive is nice, but, useless if you're in an area with no wi-fi or cell connection for tethering. I'm also...
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    [Updated] Verizon Plans To Eliminate 'Grandfathered' 3G Unlimited Data Plans

    The 1% is what gives the rest of us a bad name. The same as in biker gangs, the military, religious extremists, etc.