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    The Ultimate Droid 3.3.0 - Multiple Phones and Tablets - Link Added

    Does anyone by chance have the copy for the Nexus One?
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    Screenshots of peoples Droid desktops?

    Nothing to fancy. CM7 nightly. Adw EX with gingerbread dock. Make Your Own Clock widget. Widget Locker. Smooth Calendar. Bubbles LWP from LG. |Lock Screen|Home Screen|App Drawer|
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    Fusion ROM Beta (Gingerbread) - Droid Incredible

    If you can make options to turn different things on and off, like rotary lockscreen and battery %, that would be better and making them un changeable. Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk
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    Fusion ROM Beta (Gingerbread) - Droid Incredible

    For the love of god Please do not put battery percentages on stock. Make a flash to enable them or vice-versa.
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    3rd Replacement incredible! WTF...HELP

    What "malfunctioned?" I love my incredible with a passion. IMO sense uses a lot of un-needed battery. I get way better battery life on an asop rom. If you are sick of verizon then go with a different carrier. And why not root? If you are leaving verizon any way why not?
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    CyanogenMod 6.1

    Change your recording length to custom and then you can change it to 720. Sent from the van down by the river.
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    CyanogenMod 6.1

    CM6.1 stable is in the rom manager. WOOT! That is all. Sent from the van down by the river.
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    Seidio innocase for incredible.

    I have one that is ash grey that I want to sell if anyone wants it. 20 bucks. Paypal. Sent from the van down by the river.
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    Disappointed with gingerbread.

    Yeah I know. Just needed to vent it. Sent from the van down by the river.
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    Disappointed with gingerbread.

    Hook this is my soap box. Get off. Lol. ;-) I know its not released yet and there may be improvements but I doubt it. With the source dropping and the nexus s (don't get me started on that) being release later this month, I just don't see much change comming. But I guess sense I run cm6.1 on...
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    Disappointed with gingerbread.

    I mean don't get me wrong I realize different people like different themes. But come on. The task bar is an un-imaginative black slab. Like I said the new battery is nice, but its a tad to small. The rest of the ui is nice with the squareness of it. At least the froyo theme had some uniform-ness...
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    Disappointed with gingerbread.

    I am just so dissapointed by the gingerbread theme. The status bar is just black with no definition. The battery is ok but its too small. The signal bars are ok if they were not green. Blah. I just hate dark themes I suppose. Im a huge fan of stock android. I guess after 2.3 drops the current...
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    seidio 1750 battery

    This is in the Incredible forum brother. Motorola doesnt make batteries for HTC phones. lol.
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    seidio 1750 battery

    Yes it does.
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    [ports] Sense, Galaxy S and Vanilla Android for ud 2.0.0

    In the process of testing these for 2.3
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    [ports] Sense, Galaxy S and Vanilla Android for ud 2.0.0

    Im going to work on something a little different. Check back later.
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    does the droid incredible even NEED a screen protector?

    I agree here. This is my baby. It gets a dedicated pocket. It's always sat on desk/table/seat next to me. The money to replace is to hard to come by. Even worse that I have the amoled screen. What are the chances of me getting another one. Not very good. Sent from the van down by the river.
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    Leavin Droid Inc for DX

    Martin if you don't like your 1750 ill buy it off ya. 2 bucks. You pay shipping. Lol. Sent from the van down by the river.
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    UD 2.3 Screen density help...

    Nope still does it after manually changing it. UD hates my incredible. Sad face is sad.