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  1. jstwondrng

    Looking for Yay's and nay's...upgrading next month

    I agree... I will never go back to Motorola. I upgraded to my S4 from having the Droid Bionic. Loved the phone but hated the company. I am a believer in Samsung and their products now. You will be very happy with this device! J
  2. jstwondrng

    I got the S4

    Congrats on your purchase! It is a great phone :)
  3. jstwondrng

    Bionic vs SG4

    I had the Droid Bionic and now the S4. I have yet to look back at the Bionic, despite loving that phone... If you're still confident in Motorola, you may want to wait, but I have to say, I'm done with that company and I'm TOTALLY happy with the S4. No phone will be perfect, however, I haven't...
  4. jstwondrng

    Verizon Samsung update (not OTA)

    Yes, and to add... carriers would rather have customers complain about the delay of updates than to rush out a new ota and have to fix potential issues. It's a pain, but be patient. J
  5. jstwondrng

    WENT in for the DNA ..then went out and...

    Good purchase! I've had my phone for over a month and I'm overly thrilled with it! Congrats :) J
  6. jstwondrng

    Thanks for the help the past 2 years... Move'n on!

    Congrats Bluezdawg! Looking forward to seeing you in the S4 forums! J
  7. jstwondrng

    after the hype

    Really agree with this statement!
  8. jstwondrng

    Verizon's lack of optical reader??

    Hey Mark, thanks for the link! I'll check it out tonight :) J
  9. jstwondrng

    Verizon's lack of optical reader??

    Thanks Mandy, It would be great if root wasn't required... Still a bit gun shy about rooting my device :) J
  10. jstwondrng

    Motorola Never Again

    Amen! I have the new S4 and it is SWEET!!! To clarify things, I didn't hate the Bionic... But, didn't feel much love for Motorola. Between Verizon and Moto, they managed to make a phone with so much potential fail. Lack of support for most of its existence really put a sour taste in my mouth...
  11. jstwondrng

    Verizon's lack of optical reader??

    I concur... That does seem like a cool feature! J
  12. jstwondrng

    Just wanted to say a quick goodbye!

    You did! And, I'm pleasantly pleased :) Boggles my mind why so may folks in some S4 forums complain about it... Best phone I've ever owned. J
  13. jstwondrng

    Just wanted to say a quick goodbye!

    Yeah, it is! Looking forward to the latest Android OSes coming in the future :)
  14. jstwondrng

    Just wanted to say a quick goodbye!

    Hey D... Gotta say, didn't think getting a new Android phone would help me recapture my fondness for android but man... This S4 rocks! Discovering new features every day is awesome, nit to mention the speed of it. J
  15. jstwondrng

    Just wanted to say a quick goodbye!

    Good to hear! Not sure why it too soooo long. Enjoy!
  16. jstwondrng

    Just wanted to say a quick goodbye!

    About a week ago. Not sure why it's taking long to get it...
  17. jstwondrng

    Just wanted to say a quick goodbye!

    The way the post office made it sound, it may take some time. Unfortunately, the only way I could ship a lithium battery was ground and that generally does take more time than normal mail. Btw, did you get my PM concerning the tracking number? If so, I'd try to use it to see when it is coming. J
  18. jstwondrng

    Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5!

    IMHO, I believe the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a much better device than the iPhone. My girlfriend and I both purchased new phones last week, she with the iPhone and me with the S4. She is constantly looking over at my phone saying how much better the display is over the iPhone. Also, you have to...
  19. jstwondrng

    Unlimited data on Verizon going away by the end of the year!

    Yeah, I was sweating over giving up unlimited data, but I bit the bullet and upgraded to the S4 on Verizon. They gave me a decent package (4g/mth, unlimited talk and texting) for about 99/month. Since I was barely using a gig/month, this plan worked out well for me. A few ways I'm using to...
  20. jstwondrng

    Gestures and motions

    Thanks Rindero!