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  1. Chizzele

    What happen to all the GNex Users?

    I think that traffic is slim in most sections on DF because they keep creating device specific forums and drive users to those forums... Those new forums being device specific never get to much traffic to begin with as they are setup for just one device... I loved DF when everything was just here...
  2. Chizzele

    The iPhone 5 Falls Behind Android on All US Carriers According to Consumer Reports

    But i like Apple... i like red apples.. green apples... even Apple cider.. :woot:
  3. Chizzele

    Is our next Motorola phone the rumored spec-rich Droid RAZR M HD??

    I really hope they want release that with that verizon logo on the bottom front.
  4. Chizzele

    [Rumor] Motorola & Google Working On a Project Called 'X Phone'

    I would like it much better if they will call it - "neX Phone" :happy3:
  5. Chizzele

    Verizon Caught in Obvious Hypocrisy With Isis Wallet App Compared To Google Wallet

    On the upside, Verizon now may backtrack and allow GW to run freely on their devices...
  6. Chizzele

    Weather Live App makes its way to Android!

    A weather app is the Widget. No widget.. i'll get the weather by looking out the window.
  7. Chizzele

    Newbie here

    This area should give you all the answers you need - Droid Bionic Forum
  8. Chizzele

    Larry Page Talks Android, Nexus Program, and Much More

    Grrr... just give us a GooMotNexus and we'll be happy :blink:
  9. Chizzele

    Motorola Updates Their Update Schedule

    A really nice moto news article would discuss Moto announcing their own Nexus device..
  10. Chizzele

    [HELP THREAD] Droid Forums is Under "Construction"

    Just a thought... wouldn't it better to organize the main page by device popularity or maybe launch date.. ? as much as love the OG (and still have mine) it's not useful being on top... Just a thought.. Happy TG everyone..
  11. Chizzele

    Nexus 10 help

    Try this forum - Nexus 7 & Nexus 10 Forum
  12. Chizzele

    [Rumor] Google and Dish Already Developing Wireless Service Plans for 2013

    I would like some Googlish on my Nexus with a side of Cya l8r Verizon DancingNexus
  13. Chizzele

    Sony's Credit Rating Now Downgraded by Moody's to One Step Above Junk

    This is what happens when innovation is replaced with improving of someone else's ideas... ahem ahem Apple...
  14. Chizzele

    New Battery Breakthrough Using Crushed Silicon Could Triple Battery Output

    I can really get on the bus with this one
  15. Chizzele

    Apple Pushes Harder; Seeks to Add Galaxy Note 10.1 & Jelly Bean to Infringment Claim

    most of the "banned devices" would be extremely outdated in 2014, meaning apple would spend many more dollars adding future devices into their claim.
  16. Chizzele

    Apple Slapped by UK Court; Given 48 Hours to Rewrite Samsung 'Apology'

    We'll have to use Google Maps to find apple's HQ... we all know apple maps aint finding anything..:yahoo:
  17. Chizzele

    Apple Slapped by UK Court; Given 48 Hours to Rewrite Samsung 'Apology'

    Hop on the bus and let's drive to apple's HQ and....
  18. Chizzele

    Is this a good deal? Help me out please

    Nexus exterior feels fairly cheap IMO as well... It definitely compensates for it by all the customization that your able to do with it... we are already rocking 4.1.2 software and i'm sure that as soon as 4.2 drops with the new phones that are coming we will be right behind in getting it.. S3...