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    kitkat battery drain

    Thanks. I'm going to try the app first. A FDR is last resort.
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    kitkat battery drain

    Wtf, since kitkat, android os is the #1 battery sucker. Even with battery savor on. Hope they send a fix for this SOON.
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    Where is downloaded Play store movie?

    To give my opinion on piracy issues, in this day and age of super computers, Google could easily find a way for a purchased movie to go to your SD card but play only on your device. They're being foolish. Once you realize that you can't transfer a movie to the card, people will stop buying. When...
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    Where is downloaded Play store movie?

    There's an app called show box that you must download directly from them not the play store. It's awesome. You can download all movies they offer for free, then use the Sandisk app to transfer them to your SD card. Quality is fantastic. Full HD and stereo sound. I've got quite a few. I watch...
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    screen issue

    Lately, my screen will not come back on when I'm on a call and pull the phone away from my ear. What should I be looking for to correct this? . As far as I know, I didn't change any settings. Thanks.
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    New kitkat updat

    Well, let's here the good, bad, and ugly about the kitkat update. I'm sure someone has downloaded it.
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    Can someone explain to me what's going to happen with my SD card when I updat my os to kitkat on my note 2? Ive read many things. Am I going to loose all items stored on the card?
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    Don't want 4.4

    Is there a way to not accept a system update? After hearing the horror stories about sd cards not working correctly, I'd rather stay at 4.3. My note is very fast and works flawlessly except it no longer will mirror to my Samsung dongle since the 4.3 update. I don't want to loose any info on...
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    [Solved] google play store connection issues

    I've got a galaxy note 2 and galaxy note 8. Over the last couple of weeks, when I try to get into the play store, I get a message that says, connection timed out retry. It happens on my note 8 only once in a while. But in my note 2, it's a real problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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    dashclock question

    Is there any way to keep the widget open so that when I turn on the screen I can see all messages without dragging down dashclock? I really liked lockerpro better, but they're having serious issues since the last update.
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    video transfer issue

    Ok, I finally figured out how to use handbrake on my mac. Only problem now is transferring movies to my note 2 and note 8. I'm using Android file transfer, and it works great until you've got a movie larger than 4gb. Any suggestions?
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    samsung all share dongle problem

    But now it doesn't ask for a pin. It just keeps saying mirror can't connect because of a hardware issue. I contacted samsung. They had me do something that screwed up my launcher. Got rid of all my apps and widgets. Had to redo. Samsung is aware of the issue. Hopefully we'll see a fix soon.
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    screen mirroring

    Ok, for all note 2 owners that are having connection problems, please do what I did and email samsung so they know it's not isolated. I've got a galaxy note 8,running Android 4.2, and I connect without problems. So the issue is definitely the 4.3 upgrade.
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    syncing movies

    I bought 4 movies from Google play to watch on a cross country plane trip only to find out that the movies won't fit on my device. This is due to Google not allowing them to be transferred to the SD card. How idiotic. You would think they'd have a way to identify an sd card in a specific...
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    screen mirroring

    I'm having the same problem. Another member suggested that when it asks for the pin #, to enter 0000. I haven't tried it yet, but will this weekend. In the meantime, if you try it first, please let me know if it worked.
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    samsung all share dongle problem

    It worked flawlessly with my note 2 until the 4.3 update. Now it won't connect. I did get to a point when it asked my to enter a pin number, but where do I get the pin number?
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    security code help

    I entered a security code to open my note 2 but now I want to shut it down. Please tell me there's a way without doing a factory reset. Help
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    Would like feedback from anyone that has encrypted their galaxy note 2 phone. Was it a simple procedure? Do you enter your pin every time you open the screen, or just turn on the phone?
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    wifi issues

    I downloaded the new 4.3 upgrade, and now my galaxy note 2 wifi shuts off randomly a couple of times a day.