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    Freshly rooted D1: How can I move ALL apps to SD?

    CM7 has an option to move any app to the sd card. Under settings>cyanogenmod settings>application, then select "allow app moving". Under install location i recommend automatic. Do that and you'll never have to worry about storage space. Its best to get as many apps in the phone storage because...
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    Explination of ROM, Kernal, and other random hacking information

    A rom is the software that runs on the phone. Custom roms are built by independent developers in the community from source code that is provided by google. A kernel is what tells the rom how to run and controls small but major things like clock speed, wifi, compcache, processor slots etc. Really...
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    Droid 1 died. What should I buy to replace?

    try booting into recovery and see if it will stay on. If it doesn't something may have happened to the software on the phone when it died (not sure if thats possible but who knows). If recovery works, try flashing a new rom. If it wont stay in revovery without dying or shutting off then go with...
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    Bionic or Galaxy S2

    Or you could wait until around christmas when we'll be seeing the nvidia kal-el quad core processor in phones and get the full subsidized price rather than paying the extra $100 early upgrade fee(assuming you got a Moto Droid when it came out). I cant guarantee that quad core processors will...
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    [ROM] **CM7 Build Thread**

    Edit: had the wrong link hold on a sec here it is
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    Bootloader 2C.7C Battery Low, Cannot Program

    Try a different battery if you can get one. Your phone might just be broken from getting wet and now has some pretty bad hardware damage. Also give it more time to dry, try putting it in a big bowl of dry rice for a day or two to really draw the water out of the phone. Then try it again if...
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    Safest method to unroot a droid 1

    Ill take the CWM just to get reacquainted with the software its been a while. Also thanks again that was very helpful.
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    Safest method to unroot a droid 1

    Just to get it back to stock to bring it in to verizon, its not broken and they arent bringing it in. Its for the off chance that it might break because its still under warranty. Thank you very much you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Safest method to unroot a droid 1

    sorry about that didnt know i saw a few posts with people saying they were getting errors in their bootloaders when unrooting. Not exactly sure but i think it was bp pass error or something along those lines, I think they were using an old bootloader but when they updated they had a similar...
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    do you know if you can flash any of the sbf files to the phone or if you have to use specific ones, If the rom is rooted 2.2.1 can i flash any of them or should i use the 2.1 or earlier and let the ota update it? Sorry if these are dumb questions, i just really hate using rsd lite :icon_evil...
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    Safest method to unroot a droid 1

    bump bump 10 char
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    Safest method to unroot a droid 1

    So i have used rsd lite a few times for rooting but never to unroot a phone, and have seen enough posts on here to make me uncomfortable using rsd to unroot because most of the problems with rsd come from unrooting as far as i can tell. I know there is another method which is to use the stock...
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    New to CM7...a few questions...

    You have to turn your CPU speed up in cyanogenmod settings under performance. It goes to 600 by default you have to manually change it to the highest slot
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    Android 2.3 Gingerbread Both of these are in beta but they are solid ROMs. the first one has no accelerometer the second one does. Neither of these have...
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    kernel for CM7 Nightly Builds?

    i would say stick with the stock kernel, gingerbread is stupid fast at 800mhz. It has some seriously good battery life too. Im getting anywhere from 15-21 hours on one charge. Not to mention the fact that none of these kernels are built for gingerbread. gingerbread runs on 2.6.35.X , these...
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    [ROM] gingerbread w/ gapps

    Im downloading it now. 49minutes to go :icon_evil: pretty popular i guess.
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    [ROM] gingerbread w/ gapps

    The market wont even load for me it force closes the second i open it. I fixed permission and rebooted with no success.
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    The ROM is very stable, the only things not working are camera and accelerometer. GPS works and the browser works on 3G. You can also make the screen animation work when you turn the screen on as well as off
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    I think my heart skipped a beat when i booted this up on my phone and saw the screen off animation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    {ROM} Gingerbread-ReBakedv2!

    Just realized the screen off animation wasnt on this build. Will we see this in future aosp builds of GB. It looks so clean. Anyways awesome startup build. Really enjoy it.