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  1. BigZig

    Verizon Makes Contract and Upgrade Rules Stricter; Abandons Early Upgrades

    How do you sell your unlimited contract? VZW has a contract with you and if you leave your name on the contract you better trust the person your selling your credit rating to.
  2. BigZig

    More 'In The Wild' Shots of the Galaxy Note 8 Arrive; Leave Mr. Blurrycam at Home

    I would hope not you can get a 10.1 for $500
  3. BigZig

    More 'In The Wild' Shots of the Galaxy Note 8 Arrive; Leave Mr. Blurrycam at Home

    Anyone heard rumors about price point on this? I would buy @$299.
  4. BigZig

    LG Optimus G Pro Pics & Specs Leak

    This looks more like the iPhone than the Sammy products did. Most likely not going to come to U.S. markets were it will be subject to a Lawsuit b/c this will sell well if it does come to the U.S.
  5. BigZig

    Google Maps App Already Tops Apple App Store One Day After Launch

    i thought it was very courteous of google not to charge IOS users for the App. If it were me i would have charged them .99 cents and made a killing off the Iphone users.
  6. BigZig

    Sony Vows to Create Competitive Flagship Phone to the SGS3 and iPhone 5

    Come on Sony. I am just a consumer and i can tell you that if this phone is not ready to release in the next month or so they will not be competing with the GS III they will be competing with the new line of Phones next year and this phone will be outdated!!! This is why Sony will continue to...
  7. BigZig

    tiny bionic

    Some would argue that bigger is not always better. IMO I do like the larger screen phablets but other people feel that they are to large to put in their pockets or it feels akward holding such a large device to their ears. The market is moving towards these types of devices so it will not be...
  8. BigZig

    HP Planning to 'aggressively attack' Smartphone & Tablet Market with Android Devices

    I would think about owning a HP smartphone or tablet. I own a Dv6 laptop and i have had zero problems with it, it is designed well and has good aesthetics. The only thing i will not be doing is jumping on the first product released. It seems now adays that OEM's are using comsumers as beta...
  9. BigZig

    Huawei May Start Developing a New Mobile OS to Rival Android, iOS, Microsoft & Others

    I do think this is a great idea. Uphill battle, thats an understatement. To develop an OS is no small task and to make both user friendly also look good without infringing on patents from apple or google might prove difficult. but if they can pull it off it would be a game changer.
  10. BigZig

    FoxFi Alternative Emerges for Free Wifi Tethering and USB Tethering

    you comment about this being old well, old news.. :)
  11. BigZig

    Motorola XT890 Passes Through the FCC; May Be the Intel-Powered Phone

    LTE is a must after having a phone with it for over a year now there is no way i would go back to 3G only.
  12. BigZig

    Amazon Reconsiders Kindle Fire HD Ad Opt-Out

    $15 fee. What heck is that. Give people the choice? yeah the choice to pay to not have ad's on a device we already paid for. If so few people opt out why charge them to do so?
  13. BigZig

    Sprint Press Release Details 100+ New Cities for 4G LTE Service in Coming Months

    Did North Carolina pay Sprint off to cover the entire state?
  14. BigZig

    Wikipad Gaming Android Tablet Shows Up at Gamestop with Specs, Pricing & More

    Is it removable from the gamepad? Edit: Because if it is not that is product i want to develop. A Gamepad that is universal to most tablets so it can be sold to millions you already own tablets that are looking for a solid gaming experience.
  15. BigZig

    BREAKING: Motorola Unlocks Your Device Via "Unlock My Device"

    Because the manufacturer is telling you that modifying this specification voids your warranty. It's not what came on/with the phone from the factory . The manufacturer is just giving you the option to modify your device not forcing you to. So its your choice to void your warranty and Verizon has...
  16. BigZig

    Droid RAZR M Boot Animation And More

    Well they could have covered it with electric tape or something. lol, But yes sharp device none the less
  17. BigZig

    Droid RAZR M Boot Animation And More

    The animation is cool has a little James Bond infulence at the end. i just like the sticker on the top "Motorola Mobility Confidential Restricted Property" but yet it still shows up on the internet. Atleast take that off before recording. :biggrin:
  18. BigZig

    BREAKING: Motorola Unlocks Your Device Via "Unlock My Device"

    It makes no sense that devices prior to 8/2012 are not supported because the XOOM was released way before then.
  19. BigZig

    [GAME] Three word story

    When replying.