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  1. jayman350

    Droid BIONIC Jelly Bean UPdate Leaked! Flash NOw!

    FYI, there is not a working root exploit for this build. It may come down the road, but its not looking good so far. Mixed reports about protecting root and being able to restore it after the update. doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason as to why it works for some and not others. if you...
  2. jayman350

    [APP] "Backup Your Mobile" Easily Backup Your Phone NO ROOT Required!

    your google account should already do this for you
  3. jayman350

    Carbon Vs. Titanium A Battle of Backups

    skenelly try reassigning the directory to go to your external sd and it will see all of them, have TiBu remember your settings and it should stick between flashes. i had to do that a few times before i remembered to switch the default location and remember the settings.
  4. jayman350

    Carbon Vs. Titanium A Battle of Backups

    the biggest drawback for Carbon is that it is not compatible with Motorola phones, so we can't even compare it to TiBu
  5. jayman350

    Error messages from eclipse 1.3

    seeing as how you have at least 3 topics for issues with eclipse, you should probably think about posting in the Eclipse ROM section... oh wait you did that too :blink:
  6. jayman350

    RIM Officially Launches BlackBerry 10; Too Little Too Late or Good Competition?

    haven't followed it myself either. However, if stocks were rising in days leading up to the announcement, and then tanked after the announcement...I'm guessing people weren't exactly thrilled with what they saw. Competition is good for the consumer, better pricing, better devices, more...
  7. jayman350

    Localytics Study Says 33% of All Android Tablet Sales in US are Kindle Fire Products

    i have an og fire, as does my fiance. my mom and brother both got fire hd 8.9s for christmas this year. my future mother-in-law is the only one with a full tablet, and its an original 7" galaxy tab. this study surprises me only in the sense that i thought it would be a larger share for the...
  8. jayman350

    Cyanogen Mod 10.1 For The Droid Bionic!

    the BT issues are what are keeping me from using this all the time, 3rd party camera apps work w/ this so the camera bug isn't a killer for me. Hashcode does amazing work and we should all be very appreciative of it.
  9. jayman350

    How to make my Rooted Bionic Faster

    everyone has different experiences with battery life, too many factors to compare, signal strength, running apps, widgets, etc, etc. I am amazed when people throw out claims like 2+ days without needing to charge. During those 2 days how much did you actually use your phone? Did you play...
  10. jayman350

    Benchmark Results of Intel-Powered Lenovo K900 Are Phenomenal

    they are late to the party either way, but if this translates to real world performance like it could, then it doesn't really matter b/c Intel has gone full out Mortal Kombat fatality with these numbers
  11. jayman350

    [Rumor] OUYA Could End Up Getting Some Huge Backing and Become an Amazon Exclusive

    I agree with johnomaz, the Amazon appstore isn't terrible but it is far from great. If this were to be an amazon exclusive then Amazon would really need to step up their game, they are consistently 1 or 2 releases behind most apps/games. I used to grab the FAOTD from Amazon until the quality...
  12. jayman350

    [APP] KindleFree, Easily Install 3rd Party Launcher and Google Play to Kindle Fire HD

    seems like a nice clean option compared to the hoops i had to jump through to do this on my KF. I have since ditched the amazon ui and flash between modded kf ui and jb roms.
  13. jayman350

    The iPhone 5 Falls Behind Android on All US Carriers According to Consumer Reports

    haha i know exactly what you are talking about, my brother handed me his iphone4s to look at a video and i was like "wtf, how do you do anything on that tiny screen?" The response I got was priceless fanboy, "doesn't matter how big the screen is, cause it just works"...
  14. jayman350

    Mini Speakers for droid? Kinivo ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker with Rechargeable Battery: MP3 Players & Accessories have one of these and have been happy with it. you can daisy chain them together for better sound, been thinking about picking up another one to give that a shot. the wire is very short on these...
  15. jayman350

    Tablet Activation's Edge Out Smartphone Activation's on Christmas Day

    both my mom and brother got new kindle fire hd 8.9" tablets for Christmas, i bought my fiance a new HTC One V so a 2:1 tablet to phone activation in my family :D kind of surprised to hear that the ipad mini did well, it is such a sub-par device compared to apple's usual offerings, and it just...
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    might try wiping data and cache on the fb app
  17. jayman350

    Problem trying to use HTC bluetooth stereoclip for in car calls and audio

    no you can not assign the profiles to the device, those are predefined. my S305 headphones show up with two profiles when connected to my phone, one for media audio and the other for phone audio, same thing for my Jawbone ICON, and my Samsung HS3000. I can un-check either box, say if I don't...
  18. jayman350

    T-Mobile Gets Competitive in 2013: Big Investments, iPhone, LTE & More

    very interested in the non-subsidized phone options, agree with hnettles about this being a necessary step forward for us carriers. it costs a little more up front in the phone purchase, but you save money in the long run. i'm still on VZW's unlimited data, so my next phone will probably be...
  19. jayman350

    Bionic is not charging

    try cleaning out the usb port with a toothpick, sometimes lint or something will get in the port that will hinder charging. toothpick is suggested so you don't accidentally short anything out, or damage any of the connectors.
  20. jayman350

    GNow Handlebars Is An Easy Solution for Google Now on ICS!

    there are 3 different download links at the bottom of the post on XDA I may need to check this out over the weekend, been missing GNOW when I'm on ICS. Too bad I actually have work to do today, otherwise I would be all over this.