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  1. CJM

    Last Post Wins Version 3

    80°F in the South. We're grilling & chilling. So I decided to stop by and take a win like a villain. Happy weekend peeps ✌️
  2. CJM

    The First Thing That Comes To Mind (Game)

  3. CJM

    Congrats to BK and Preach2k

    A big congrats to both you. You've both deserve this
  4. CJM

    The First Thing That Comes To Mind (Game)

    And fore
  5. CJM

    The First Thing That Comes To Mind (Game)

    I see through you but you can't see me
  6. CJM

    help opening/recovering

    Keep Googling, cool runnings bro
  7. CJM


    I've been using Kustom apps a lot more recently. Mostly KWGT for widgets. Just curious if anyone else uses Kustom apps?
  8. CJM

    Solved Internet connecting failure

    I'm sure that device lead an honorable life . .... RIP .. . ...
  9. CJM

    Solved Internet connecting failure

    I would use fastboot for something like this. All you need is the files
  10. CJM

    Solved Internet connecting failure

    You have any luck with this?
  11. CJM

    Solved Internet connecting failure

    That link doesn't work for me. What phone do you have?
  12. CJM

    Solved Internet connecting failure

    You say "Custom build version". How custom/ized is the build? Does this happen on stock builds? Reason I ask is because some custom builds have bugs like you're describing. Especially with having to toggle airplane mode to get a connection.
  13. CJM

    I'm back - Got my P2 XL

    If I'm not mistaken, you dabbled in Android before. Since you have your new phone, any desire to get back into that?
  14. CJM

    How to Access Oreo's Hidden File Manager

    Guess it depends on the rom
  15. CJM

    How to Access Oreo's Hidden File Manager

    Copied from a Google Search: To access hidden file manager in Android Oreo, go to the Settings > Storage menu and then scroll down and tap on the 'Files' option Works on Android Pie too
  16. CJM

    ADB Setup.

    Since @pc747 showed us how to get ADB on a Mac, I'm going to show how I get this working on Windows. First you'll need this SDK Platform Tools. This is the actual Platform Tools folder that's in the Android SDK. So you'll only need about 15MB of space as opposed to the 28GB needed for the whole...
  17. CJM

    And today we get Pie

    You still use Google Hangouts?
  18. CJM

    And today we get Pie

    Good to see you back!
  19. CJM

    Flashing new/updated ROM

    @69Rixter If you flash a new system then you should be good. The only issue is, if you haven't enabled any backups for things like contacts, photos, etc then that data may be gone forever Do you have a computer? Also, can this update be downloaded to a computer? If both answers are Yes, then...
  20. CJM

    moto e4Plus and Android 7.1.1 - trouble with xfr of pix

    Have you enabled the Developer option in Settings/System/About phone.. Tap on Build Number to enable USB Debugging? If not then try. If you have already enabled USB Debugging then select 'Revoke USB debugging authorization' and toggle USB Debugging off then on