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  1. ConqSoft

    who's still around?

    Here off and on since 2009. :)
  2. ConqSoft

    Just discovered google is listening.

    That option can be turned off in Google Now settings.
  3. ConqSoft

    Samsung Debuts First Galaxy S4 Zoom Promo Video

    That would be one heck of an update. :)
  4. ConqSoft

    [Editorial] Comparing iOS 7 to Android 4.2/Jelly Bean: What's New, What Isn't & More

    There's a lot to be said for being able to use your phone easily with one hand. My S4 is a little too big. I'd say 4.3" is the sweet spot.
  5. ConqSoft

    Wireless's a rip

    Your numbers are a bit off. Can get the whole thing for $90. But you really only need the back plate from Samsung for $40. Then you can get any Qi compatible charging pad if you don't want to pay the $50 for the Samsung one. Details...
  6. ConqSoft

    Get Rid of Side Bar

    You can't. Those are the apps that support multi wndow. That side bar is used to multi task. Here's a demo:
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    Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5!

    Just picked up the S4 (Verizon) so have been using it since last Thursday. Using iPhone on wi-fi for now but will probably switch out from time to time.
  8. ConqSoft

    Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5!

    I have both. iPhone UI is MUCH snappier but that's to be expected since they control the OS (iOS not OSX btw) and the hardware. So I'm not really sure how you are seeing the UI on the S4 is faster. Both have their pros and cons based on user wants and needs so I'm not going to get into a...
  9. ConqSoft

    how r u liking the s4?

    Yeah loving mine as well. Same complaint with keyboard. There is a free Jellybean Keyboard on App store you can get that will be familiar to you coming from Moto. I use SwiftKey myself.
  10. ConqSoft

    s4 first impressions

    Same here. The auto-correct on stock keyboard sucks. You have to manually pick the corrected word instead of it automatically replacing it.
  11. ConqSoft

    s4 first impressions

    Yeah. Just press and hold the comma key. Goes directly to voice input. Also has SwiftKey Flow, which is like Swype. Works well. There's a free trial version I think, so worth trying out at least.
  12. ConqSoft

    s4 first impressions

    Try SwiftKey. You'll like it better.
  13. ConqSoft

    house icon above signal

    Do your parents have a network extender by chance?
  14. ConqSoft

    Droid RAZR MAXX Demo Fail

    Who can spot the problem? :)
  15. ConqSoft

    No 3G/4G during a phone call.

    Data will work if you're in a 4G LTE area, but not if you're on 3G. Has worked with Verizon since they implemented 4G LTE.
  16. ConqSoft

    Missing GTalk icon from apps list

    Yeah, should be there. Called "Talk" and looks like a little chat bubble.
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    Anything will shatter if it lands wrong. Seen many types of devices do it. All in the luck of the draw (or fall in this case).
  18. ConqSoft

    How come Droids don't have a backup service like iCloud?

    Voiding your warranty (rooting) should not be required for this feature. Google needs to step up to the plate and make this built in and seamless.
  19. ConqSoft

    Read before buying from Verizon direct online

    You can set up a waiver with FedEx so that they will leave packages that require signature. And, you should be able to pick it up at the local FedEx office this evening.