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  1. txrover


    Was pretty simple process. Need to plug it into the charger. Takes a little while to finish the encryption. I had to do this to connect to work, so I have both the password for the encryption and for the phone too. I usually only have to enter the encryption pwd during a reboot. But phone...
  2. txrover

    is there a way to connect an external hard drive to our bionics?

    I have a network drive attached to my router. I can easily access it over wifi. 2tb. I assume it's about as good as a USB connection, but haven't compared data transfer rates.
  3. txrover

    Droid Bionic wont boot after lcd replacement

    I got one from repairs universe and it works fine. I think I have a loose connection somewhere as the face detect doesn't work right unless I push on the screen in one corner... Also, be very careful about dust as you'll have dust behind the screen...
  4. txrover

    Call waiting

    Right of the ear speaker. 2 little circles that are hard to see. Btw, if you hit your power button the screen will come back on. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using DroidForums
  5. txrover

    Call waiting

    Your light sensor / proximity sensor is blocked or not working. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using DroidForums
  6. txrover

    Wireless Printing

    +1 for Printer Share I use it to print to my wifi enabled printer on my home network. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using DroidForums
  7. txrover

    Anyone that HAD data dropping issues that were actally FIXED by updates?

    902 seems to have made a big difference. Everything seems to work as it should now for data. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using DroidForums
  8. txrover

    Bionic in China

    As mentioned China is cdma, so your Verizon phones will work. Get the international data plan. I think it was 65/mo when I went, which is only $35 more than you're posting already anyway. Worth it for email, maps, Web searches. Txt and calls will be expensive, but if you're not planning on...
  9. txrover

    No root stock OTA testers

    Headphone whine is gone. Camera does indeed appear to be improved , faster focus. Cell coverage is definitely better, despite the hiccups I mentioned before. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using DroidForums
  10. txrover

    No root stock OTA testers

    It improved, but diss not appear to fix the wireless data drops. I've had to airplane mode twice since the update. I do find that i've got better 3g and actually see 1x now at my house where the signal is weak. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using DroidForums
  11. txrover

    OTA rolling out!

    I did not do forever root (at least not that I know of, although I was rooted). it does appear that I'm still rooted, however. SU app opens.
  12. txrover

    OTA rolling out!

    I just got my update 5.5.893. not a soak tester. Austin TX Installing now...
  13. txrover

    Movies won't play... Help!

    ok, you can't just uninstall superuser if you're actually rooted... that didn't work.
  14. txrover

    Movies won't play... Help!

    i'm not sure if there's any risk/concerns on doing this, but I had the same problem on my new tablet, but it wasn't rooted. I realized that when I sync'd my google acct it had downloaded superuser app to my tab. I uninstalled the superuser app, rebooted my tablet and movies worked again. I'm...
  15. txrover

    data issues seem to be across the board on all phones

    I have to agree with s prior poster. I don't have any issues while in a good 4g area, but in 3g only areas it can act flakey. Once I get back to 4g, the issue resolves itself and data is back. it seems to be worse where 3g is weak. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using DroidForums
  16. txrover

    "Official"? Bionic battery life thread

    My extended battery lasts a good 14 hrs+ under my normal use (lots of email/web/non-streamed music). 100% to 40% in about an hour is way off.
  17. txrover

    Bionic LapDock Impressions

    I'm finding that pulling pictures over to my phone (for upload to facebook, etc) from a card reader (via usb port) is one thing I'm using it for. I'd like to find some other uses still.
  18. txrover

    webtop/HDMI and NFL Mobile...anyone using this successfully?

    That's listed as intentional for DRM purposes in the list of bug fixes coming next month for Bionic.
  19. txrover

    Docking issues with case. I removed insert and still issues. Anyone else struggling??

    Set Your Location <-- link seems to work, even tho description seems odd. VZW wanting to know where you are. Shell/Holster combo. Shell snaps on easily, has the kickstand thing. It's std for the Extended battery - which I ended up getting, since the shell was already thick to accommodate it...
  20. txrover

    Docking issues with case. I removed insert and still issues. Anyone else struggling??

    HD & Car dock ( and I assume std dock too) have an insert that you can remove to allow for the case - assuming you don't have some non-std case. My HD dock works great with the case - fits fine, no issues. My car dock on the other hand does NOT work properly - nor fit - with the std verizon...