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    GPA15 Keyboard Issue

    I'm having the same issue on GPA15, it just started happening all of a sudden, some keys don't even act as a shortcut or as a character. its horribly irritating.
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    Volume key long press to skip tracks

    hate to revive a dead thread but did anything happen with this? I was really looking forward to being able to do this since the previously mentioned hack didnt work for me
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    Changing song with Volume rocker of other buttons

    Changing song with Volume rocker or other buttons I was wondering if there was a way to change the song while the screen was off with the volume rocker or another button on the phone. I know Cyanogen mod has this is the music.apk but when I tried it on my droid it didn't work. I was hoping for...
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    [WIP] Avalon Android

    Do you know what ROMs this will be compatible with?
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    are you happy with flash 10.1?

    It works for me, maybe because I'm overclocked. Idk but if hardware acceleration comes out for flash it will run better.
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    Droid 2 Swype

    If a PM for the apk is allowed then I'd really love to try it, if any one has the opportunity to do so please send it my way:)
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    2.2 OTA update question

    Going back to 2.0.1 or even 2.1 would unblock it as long as it's stock 2.1 or 2.0.1. And with some ROMs you get notification of the 2.2 OTA and can download it but it just blocks install which you can do manually.
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    what's with the Droid wifi antenna? (sp)

    I didn't even think it was the antenna, I always assumed it was my network. But I have the same issue, what makes it worse is I have no 3G reception at my house either :(
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    2.2 OTA update question

    You should be able to as long as you aren't running some ROM that blocks it. would you be going unrooted back to 2.0.1?
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    Should I get the Droid for $79 or wait to get the X shipped?

    Personally I think the D1, but that's because I'm not a huge Motoblur fan or a fan of the signed bootloader. I wont deny the X is a great phone. It's really your preference, more customization or faster phone with a lot of cool features.
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    Google Chrome V/S Mozilla Firefox

    I used Firefox forever and switched to Chrome when it came out, I do think Chrome is faster but I can back to Firefox anyways. I'm gonna stick with FF because I'm slightly paranoid about Google taking over the world:icon_eek:
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    how is your flash player preformance

    I've had mediocre flash performance too when I'm doing stuff embeded in the browser like videos and games. (no surprise) but I do enjoy the small animations on different web pages. It makes me feel more like I'm on a desktop.
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    android competition

    Too true, this always happens to me but I'm always happy to see manufactures constantly push the envelope so to speak
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    New psx Emulator. Not working!

    I'm overclocked to 800mhz but I can get a 1ghz kernal easy. And the refresh rate helped. Thanks guys.
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    New psx Emulator. Not working!

    is there any way to increase performance on the emulator? it hasn't been working so well on my phone?
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    How do I apply the album cover images on a song?

    You can download the tool mediamonkey on your desktop and embed the artwork on there
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    Droid X vs Droid 2

    I thought the Droid 2 was supposed to be clocked at 750mhz and the Droid X was 1ghz
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    Droid X vs Droid 2

    From my understanding the Droid X is superior from a hardware standpoint. However the Droid 2 would have a QWERTY keyboard. It's really preferences unless you're daughter is a hacker or a gamer and needs more RAM and a faster processor. As they both run android the phones will be very similar...
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    Droid Hacked via Skype?

    if you put it in airplane mode does it continue this behavior?
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    Android Flash Apps Website

    I have a PC with ubuntu server edition on it, I don't know if that would help, although I don't know if too many servers would be needed right away.