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    I'm ready for a new Droid but curious

    Current contract is up and wanting a new phone for the least $$$. Best Buy has a Black Friday deal for a free Razr Maxx with new contract. This particular Maxx has the GB system while the Maxx at the VZW store has ICS. Is there a significant difference for the $200 or is the Best Buy deal with...
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    Notification bar icons/symbols

    Hello Folks, I've looked at several guides showing what symbols mean but I have one I can't find a description for. It's on the right side of the bar in between the bluetooth symbol and the 3G symbol. The only way I can describe it is as 3 vertical squiggly lines. Similar to the letter "M"...
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    Droid Moobee, First post

    Droid Noobee, First post Hey all, I'm a first time smartphone user with a new Droid2. I know there will be a lot to learn from this forum once I start looking around. I have one initial question that I'll be looking for an answer to. When my Droid is in the sleep mode (screen dark) there is a...