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    [Breaking] Full OTA File of Android 4.4.2 KitKat Soak Test Update for VZW's Moto X

    I manually installed it on 2/21 and it went fine. Fixed my Exchange 2003 sync problems but I have seen zero change in battery life.
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    List Your Three Favorite Android Apps of All Time

    Radarnow! DroidLight GoogleDrive
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    Android 4.4 KitKat for Verizon's Moto X Already Rolls Out to Some Users

    Just checked my Moto X and it's pulling down the update as well.
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    Your Favorite Case for Moto X?

    I have the Diztronic TPU case for my moto x. Had one for my Droid RAZR as well. It holds up great and provides good protection. The only problem is that the Moto X screen is so edge to edge, it's difficult to tap along the edge since the case is raised slightly.
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    Woke up to a red hat on my screen...Windy Day

    Anybody else?
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    [OFFICIAL] Motorola X Phone Waiting Room

    I appreciate your input. :) I live in a low signal area and I drive through several spots where there's no signal period. No phone works in them but how far I can drive before I lose signal and how quickly I get it back is what I look for. In the past 5 years, nothing has beaten Moto in that...
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    [OFFICIAL] Motorola X Phone Waiting Room

    and how much you value reception.
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    [OFFICIAL] Motorola X Phone Waiting Room

    Looking good on shipping, no delays. I ordered two of them last night(me and coworker) and both are scheduled for delivery tomorrow.
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    [OFFICIAL] Motorola X Phone Waiting Room

    Its live. Just placed my order dancedroid
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    [OFFICIAL] Motorola X Phone Waiting Room

    Looks like they are getting ready, the page no longer takes you to the email signup page.
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    [OFFICIAL] Motorola X Phone Waiting Room

    With previous phone releases, is it available online at midnight? I want to make sure I get one so I was thinking about staying up to order at midnight tonight IF its available then.
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    Current Flagship Phone Poll: Galaxy S4, HTC One, LG G2, Moto X/Droid Ultra or Other

    Moto has my nod for build quality and radio. I'm in the boondocks and reception is #1 on my list. Until samsung and/or htc can step it up, I won't look elsewhere. I will say the iPhone radio is quite good too. That would be my second choice.
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    Editorial: Is the Moto X Really Just a Droid Ultra in Sheep's Clothing?

    Yes, I should have worded it better. I really just meant for it to be an observation.
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    Editorial: Is the Moto X Really Just a Droid Ultra in Sheep's Clothing?

    With all the claims of customizable parts for the phone, it makes me think of toyota and the scion. But why do I want to customize the color of my phone when all i'm going to do is put it into a case??
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    Sleep mode for RAZR's update to 4.1.2

    Give airplane mode a shot. You would be surprised how well it works with saving battery.
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    I got a software update!

    I haven't noticed anything yet. Well, I guess nothing is jumping out at me I should say.
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    I got a software update!

    Update finished downloading and it installed without a hitch overtop of the xmas build. dancedroid Edit: I'm also NOT a member of Motorola feedback network.
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    I got a software update!

    Download: Official DROID RAZR Jelly Bean Update 98.72.16 for Those on Ice Cream Sandwich 6.16.211 ? Droid Life Also, my Droid RAZR is automatically downloading the update as I type. I had already manually applied the christmas update.