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    Need hellp with Message+ with Verizon on my Tab2

    I use the Message+ app from Verizon on my Tab 2. Right now, it is showing I have 4 new messages but when I go in the app I have none. I've tried mark all as red, restarting the tab, turning off the app and turning it back on. It won't allow me to uninstall. That 4 will not go away. I know...
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    Need help with email

    I've tried searching but wasn't able to find an answer. I have my personal email at set up on my Razr. I can see the inbox but I have several folders that I set up on my PC that I cannot see on my phone. Is there a trick to seeing those folders? When I press the spot that...
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    Question about factory reset

    Thanks! That answered many, many questions! One more... Should I unmount the sd card before doing the factory reset or just leave it in? I'm backing up my apps to Mybackup as I type :)
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    Question about factory reset

    I'm a newbie to the android world, but I think I need to do a factory reset on my phone. It's just sluggish and it's just not right, ya know?!? I really don't want to do it but I've done a regular reset (holding volume and power button down) and I've wiped the cache but I think a factory reset...
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    Disable Lock Screen ?????

    I turned mine off too. I'm glad I was able to help someone...A first for me on here! :biggrin::icon_ banana:
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    Disable Lock Screen ?????

    If I'm understanding your question, when you see the circle with the key in it just touch it, hold and then slide to the right to unlock the screen. If you just touch it it will take you to the "next" unlock screen. Hold and slide it to the right to unlock in one motion. Or go to...
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    Contacts has stopped

    I have been getting a message "unfortunately contacts has stopped." It's been off and for a couple weeks but now I can't access contacts at all when going through "people." I have my favorites on my home screen so I can access those but I can't go under people and edit contacts. Any ideas...
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    Silly Go SMS Pro question...

    Yes it's that way in go SMS. I can send the smileys and the recipients get them. But if they send one back to me, I get the punctuation but not the smiley.
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    Silly Go SMS Pro question...

    Not really a big deal but I find that I can't get smileys in texts. I get the punctuation. I'm really new to android so I'm not sure if I've got everything set right. Any suggestions?
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    All Facebook friends showing up in text messaging

    I'm very new to the Android world (I've had a Blackberry for years) and I know this is a stupid question but I can't figure it out. I have synced my contacts to my Facebook friends but when I go to do a new text message and type in the contact name, ALL of my FB friends show up. They don't all...
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    Link ring and notification volume in ICS?

    I realize that there are some apps out there that you can get for volume control but that's just ridiculous IMO. It's the volume for crying out loud. The button on the side should turn it down or up. An app shouldn't be necessary for that!
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    Don't forget to make an introduction thread!

    Hi, I'm a new user and got my Droid Razr in June. I was a Blackberry user simply because I was locked in with my old carrier. When my contract expired, I ran to the nearest Verizon (actually got the phone from Amazon but used Verizon as my carrier) and got my Razr. Loving it so far but I may...
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    Link ring and notification volume in ICS?

    I hate this feature too! I hope there will be a fix in the near future