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  1. MrBunster

    Pimp My Rom

    Kind of a new flushable build.prop editor with some other tweaks. Anyone using it? I haven't found a guide for installing it with the stock ROM, but only with custom ROM zip files. Any input appreciated. Danke.
  2. MrBunster

    For those of you with cell standby drain on VRALG7...

    After the OTA to VRALG7, I had some moderate battery drain from my radio (much more than I did with the previous build). I just flashed the leaked VRLHD radio from rootzwiki via Odin, and that fixed it for me. I'm rooted stock with a couple of interface tweaks. Just an FYI!
  3. MrBunster

    GS3 Chrome browser hangs while loading.

    I have plenty of LTE service. The browser and search feature are ridiculously quick at opening links. However, once about 70 to 90% of the page loads in just a few seconds, sometimes the rest of the site (10 to 30%) loads in about three minutes. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does...
  4. MrBunster

    GS3 Possibly related network problems?

    Just noticed these two bugs yesterday. I'm running rooted stock LG1. 1. My Google Play apps are set to update automatically (not just over WiFi). However, they will only update directly after a reboot. In other words, I have to reboot my phone in order to get the Play Store to pull app updates...
  5. MrBunster

    Dropped my S3 in the toilet....

    ....and after 6 hours drying, it still works perfectly! I watched the screen light up and everything while it was down in the uncharted crapper deep. Guess it IS water resistant to some degree. And no, I was not "using" the toilet at the time (clean bowl). Your thoughts?