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    My phone runs really slow!

    Most of the lag in the RAZR hd maxx is due to the crappy Motorola launcher. Download nova launcher or go launcher ex and set your phone free... Believe me.. Give it shot.
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    my bionic gets slower and slower

    Ya I had the same issue. I'm done with the bionic. My solution was to buy a razr maxx hd (incredible couldn't be happier) . My opinion is that the ics update is just to much for the bionic hardware. I don't know though, I'm no expert.. I'm just sick of a terribly performing handset.
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    bionic sluggish after ics update

    Ya.. I've cleared all cache and did factory reset and it's still a terribly performing phone with ics. Motorola sure screwed this one. I don't want to upgrade but might need to.
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    4G outage

    Ya.. I've been having nothing but problems with 4g the last few weeks. Called vzw and they sent me the obligatory sim card.. no change of course the d&*% a*% reps say " oh.. there's no problem with 4 g nation wide... wifi and 3g ok
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    New ICS leak 6.7.235

    I tried both the 230 and 232 and they both sucked so bad! Bluetooth issues in music and phone usage plus horrible battery were a deal killer for me. Fxz back to. 902 and onto .905. I originally tried the leaks cause of connection issues on 905 but that I can deal with since wifi is solid.. not...
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    FoxFi not working anymore?

    Change the name of the hotspot and restart foxfi.. works for me. I just keep changing the name.
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    Bionic & PdaNet?

    Yea it works perfect in USB tether mode. I just carry a wire with me in my laptop case and I'm set.. you have to install to your laptop first and let pdanet install to your phone via USB. No root neccesary.. I'm stock 901. Sent from my DROID BIONIC using DroidForums
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    Official STOCK 901 Update Thread (No Rooting Discussions)

    I updated to the stock 901 from stock 893 without rooting and I am so happy I did. I don't care about update paths etc.. lets face it, any update to ICS will take months to work out all of the bugs.. 901 is just solid and does seem to fix speed and connection issues. Sent from my DROID BIONIC...
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    Is the Bionic Worth it?

    Bionic is the best phone I ever had... had the d2 global and the droidx. I have had virtually zero problems and I haven't even updated. Like two reboots over a 2 month period.. compare that to the daily reboots on droidx l.. I do recommend the extended battery.. a rock solid phone! And BTW -...
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    Anybody Else Out There That Loves Their Bionic?

    I recently dropped my Droid X cracking the screen and so needed a new phone. I read all kinds of negative reviews mainly about the screen of the Bionic.. the pentile thing.. But I looked at one in the store and to me it was beautiful, a great screen. I bot a used Bionic off ebay, in great...
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    Bionic or Galaxy Nexus

    That's right up my alley.. had read that there can be hissing noise in headphones - does the custom ROM you're using take care of this problem? Thanks for the help.
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    Bionic or Galaxy Nexus

    I'm in Oceanside, CA so not sure how well 4GLTE is doing here. Good advice - unless I find a mad deal on a used bionic for two hundy.. I do kinda hate my Droid X.. so we'll see - thanks again for the help.
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    Bionic or Galaxy Nexus

    Thanks to all for the comments. I am, as my sons call me, a "screen guy".. but constant connection and battery life etc.. is critical as I travel a bit and need a stable platform. Does the Bionic respond well to rooting and a ROM? Does that help the connection issue? Maybe I keep my...
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    Bionic or Galaxy Nexus

    I have a Droid X which I dropped and cracked the screen, so I will need to replace the phone. My upgrade is not available until July, so wondering if I should go for the Bionic or the Galaxy nexus? The Razr doesn't look interesting to me, since I'm not interested in paying full price for...
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    what did the last update do for the droid_x

    how about reboots while or after listening to music? I went back to Froyo because this problem was so irritating - it happened on podcasts, pandora, local music, etc... Is this fixed in .602?
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    Where is Rubix Blurry 2.0?

    Can someone direct me to RUBIX Blurry 2.0? I can't find it anywhere. I'm on GB and am sick of the shutdowns and random restarts and terrible battery time. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Random reboots?

    i have had random reboots as well and mine is GB from and SBF I found. I did this because I SBF'd to froyo and then loaded the rooted GB. I had a ton of problems with the rooted GB (like one day the phone was just overheating and ran the battery down in about 3 hours..) so then I wiped the...
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    Droid x case and clip with extended battery

    Does anyone know of a descent case and clip that will work with the droid x that has the motorola 1850 mha extended battery installed? Sent from my DROID x using DroidForums App
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    Droid 2 or Droid 2 Global?

    that's a good point. We bought our D2's at the beginning of December when Amazon Wireless had the penny sale on Droid's. Could be the penny sale was based on an older version. The strange this is that the test D2 phone that we tried at the local Verizon, before buying the D2 from Amazon, had...