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    Play Store issues

    When I go to the play store to update apps they will not update. I've also noticed the uninstall button is missing. I've spoke with Google Play Store and Samsung. Followed everything they've suggested to fix this issue, but nothing is working permanently. I was advised to remove updates to the...
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    Verizon 611

    Anyone try calling 611 recently? Now instead of getting the automatic assistant, you get a list to read from and make a selection from there. I can say I don't like it and I told them so, but we all know that won't make any difference.
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    Phone Upgrade

    Any suggestions for a new phone?
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    Text blocking apps

    Is there app that really blocks text without them only showing up under a log? If I block someone from calling or texting I don't wont it period.
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    Task Killers

    Is thete a task killer that will actually kill tasks and leave them killed? Every one I've tried will kill but they start back up within minutes.
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    Texting problems since ics

    I've noticed that a lot of people are having texting problems since ics update and a lot of people are blaming their apps. It seems the problem is with ics because I've tried other app for texting they have same or similar problems.
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    Go Launcher Ex

    Does anyone using go launcher after ice update have a problem with app lables on home screens? Does anyone know how to correct this problem? Thanks
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    Speaker phone

    Is it me or what, every time I try to speak with anyone on speaker phone; I can't hear because of feed back. I've had this problem with every phone I had. It doesn't matter who's talking. Is it my settings or does everyone have this problem? Sent from my ADR6350 using DroidForums