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    Running Jelly Bean 4.1 ...

    Mid December? You're kidding yourselves ... Maybe May 2013 ... With the current releases of most of the ROM's all the issues had been addressed - this is definately a daily driver right now. BTW, if any haven't noticed/read, this version also corrected the Contact Pictures issue - nothing like...
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    Should i update to JB now or later?

    So far the latest versions of the ports seem to be fine IMO ... Definately a daily driver if you are into it. But to think we'll get it OTA from VZ ... you're looking at May2013 if at all ... :) So screw them! Get it now, you can always reflash to get the official.
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    why is Samsung not fighting back?

    It'a all ok .... Now Apple finally has to go up directly against Google itself, not an OEM.
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    Verizon Galaxy Nexus Unofficial 4.0.4 Update NOW Available!

    So am I! Really the only thing it could have been for my issue, that's the only thing I hate about the system check, if you modded anything in /system it doesn't like, you would have to grab from a dump, or reflash to stock. It's not as big a deal once you are on a custom ROM, typically you...
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    Verizon Galaxy Nexus Unofficial 4.0.4 Update NOW Available!

    Xeene, Only one word here: Giggity ! :) All done, pushed su afterwards ... BTW, just for reference, if using CWM recovery, temp or even if perm, no need to rename to, you can use the choice to install then select it. That is what I used. I do believe they added that a while...
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    Verizon Galaxy Nexus Unofficial 4.0.4 Update NOW Available!

    No, you would have only flashed the radios themselves.
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    Verizon Galaxy Nexus Unofficial 4.0.4 Update NOW Available!

    Xeene, many thanks, (I actually took the time to look at the vurrent folder and font file perms just after wrting you. Patching system files now, no error, nice when one can identify the issue and know what needs to be done. Its patching radios now. Let you know how it sits at the end, I'll...
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    Verizon Galaxy Nexus Unofficial 4.0.4 Update NOW Available!

    Dumb Q, perms on it?
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    Verizon Galaxy Nexus Unofficial 4.0.4 Update NOW Available!

    Xeene, you da man, I was looking at the factory images, but you know how that goes. Thanks! Let's hope that takes care of it ...
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    Verizon Galaxy Nexus Unofficial 4.0.4 Update NOW Available!

    Crap - Ok, at one point I messed with font manager, need assistance in correcting what was done, because I get an error: apply patch check: /system/fonts/Roboto-Regular.ttf I'm assuming that although I took font manager off after resetting to roboto that something isnt right in...
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    Signal sucks, Verizon you are wrong...

    I wouldn't do any type of testing at a VZ store. they always have a mobile 4G hotspot running in back and you'll see no real comparison. I really think it's a low signal handling issue, and if you are in a fringe area it gets worse. I posted in the other thread how I got mine just before the...
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    The Official: I am having reception issues thread

    I believe it's half and half. After getting the Nexus and having the outage on the same weekend, I was worried about the unit. but I've also seen improvements in my area overall. It's still not perfect, but getting better. I tend to believe it is harder on most of us who are in fringe areas...
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    odin mode what is it and could i access it on a brand new phone

    Yes, correct, it is normal, you must have held the volume while powering on, has happened to all of us at one time or another, the thing is so wide, and the natural grip places your fingers in the right spot for that to occur :)
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    Need help disabling activation screen on OG Droid

    I too am now on a nexus, and sbf'd my little buddy back to stock, I want to get rid of activation as well, since it can't happen, the number has been ported to my new phone.
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    Uh oh nexus

    I really don't know why a sim card change would have anything to do with this issue, it only has the info needed to access the network, not to stay connected, etc. Unless they "go bad" but ...
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    Android 4.0.3 [Base Version] to drop in the weeks ahead.

    Awesome, too bad we have to await VZ and Samsung to fix its horrid reception issues. I have no words for this, day one was great, but now ...
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    Google Wallet question

    Just loaded it on mine this morning, haven't tried yet ... I think it's great that you can use the pre-paid, and they give you $10 for trying it out. some were posting on DL about being cautious about it in general. Well: 1. XDA has never screwed the commmunity over, so no fear there about...
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    Apparently as telephones go the current best of breed all suck

    Hi Everyone, Finally got off my OG and have a Nexus. As a moto fan, I got tired of the overrated promises from moto on unlocked bootloaders, etc. But that's another book ... I love this phone! For someone coming from a modded OG, it is a fantastic upgrade in all respects, and the little...
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    Anyone notice the screen doesn't get dirty? Or am I nuts?

    Yes, you are not alone .... I noticed it as well, and I hate sounding this way, but it is such a gorgeous screen to boot, even when off hehehe.
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    Having Trouble Copying Files to Galaxy Nexus From Computer Via USB

    For those having issues with MTP, just go to notifications, click on "Connected as a media device" tap, and change it to a PTP dervice. Load drivers and you should then be ok, as PTP is for systems that do not support MTP.