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    synergy rom

    r169 has multi-window. To access it, hold down the back button for two seconds.
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    Lack of...

    There us a ton of development going on via XDA and Rootzwiki
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    [ROM] LiquidICS v1.5 [Unofficial port] - Droid 2

    Does this suffer from the same Hardware Acceleration as the other D2 ICS ROMs? I've been stuck on GB forever because I use Netflix heavily on my phone. I'd really like to switch, but I can't go without it.
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    [ROM] [AOSP][4.0.4][CDMA] Gummy 1.2.0 - 5/9/12 [BETA]

    I thought Netflix wasn't working on ICS roms for the D2. Is it working now??
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    [ROM] [AOSP][4.0.4][CDMA] Gummy 1.2.0 - 5/9/12 [BETA]

    I installed this last night and it's working well except the noted issues and one that's not. Netflix will load, but when it goes to play a movie, it just sits at a black screen with the movie controls. It appears to buffer the movie, but playback won't start. I've reinstalled it 3 times...
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    Another Stuck on M Question

    Yeah it was the MIUI Recovery. I'm now back to CM7 running Boot Manager with CM9 as a secondary. All is well with the world. Now if CM9 can work out a few bugs and get everything running, I'll probably switch to it for my daily driver.
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    Another Stuck on M Question

    I SBFed back to the R2D2 GB and was going to install CM7 over it, but it didn't like the R2D2 kernel. So back to stock I go. There was a wasted 20 minutes.
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    Another Stuck on M Question

    Yeah, I figured it out. That was a MIUI menu. I SBFed back to the R2D2 GB file and all is well. I'm about to install CM7, then attempt Boot Manager again. This time I will not mess with switching roms when the battery is low. Lesson learned. :)
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    Another Stuck on M Question

    No worries. I found a coworker with a D2 and they were willing to let me charge my battery with their phone. The bootloader looks good for an SBF when I get home from work now. I'm still miffed about the other recovery I found before. It had purple text (I think) and allowed me to choose which...
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    Another Stuck on M Question

    I figured as much but was hoping I might be able to repair the recovery with that other screen. I thought I'd posted about it, but no luck finding how. I guess I'll have to hunt down someone with a droid 1/2. Does the X happen to take the same battery too?
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    Another Stuck on M Question

    I've searched the forum exhaustively and can't find a solution to this. I hope someone can help. I installed Boot Manager Pro and was running off of CM7 and installing several roms to the SD card when my battery died last night. It was doing the almost boot then shuts down thing, so I left it...
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    Working SBF file link?

    I'm looking to SBF my Droid 2, but all the links I've found for the SBF file are broken. Does anyone have a working link?
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    Missing App widgets

    OK, after more exhaustive searching online, I came across a similar post by someone with a different phone. Apparently some app widgets won't be accessible if the app is moved to the SD card. Sure enough, I went had quite a few of apps that were on the SD card and not internal memory. After...
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    Missing App widgets

    I've been having trouble with this for awhile, and across several roms (Liberty GB, CM7, Galnet MIUI ICS). For some reason, certain apps that have widgets, the widgets aren't available. For instance, tonight, I downloaded Folder Organizer on both my Droid 2 and my Toshiba Thrive. I set up a...
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    Screen always on issue.

    I've been enjoying this rom for quite awhile now, but one thing keeps bugging me. The screen always stays on unless I hit the power button to make it go to sleep. I keep changing the time out time in settings, but for some reason after awhile it resets back to always on. Anyone else having the...
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    Titanium Backup and Changing Roms Question.

    I'm a frequent rom changer and think that Titanium Backup is one of the best apps available. That being said, I've yet to figure out the best wat to automate restoring my backups. I use the batch restore option to get everything back when I change a rom, but you still have to do the checks...
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    is there anyway to stream my netflix.....

    Why are you wanting to use your D2 to get netflix on your tv? There are much easier ways to get it on the tv. I'm not sure of a way to do it, but the video quality wouldn't be near as good as another method. Netflix adjusts the quality to the device.
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    Netflix Version 1.5 not working

    No worries. I was all excited at work when I heard it had Honeycomb support, but I wouldn't have expected it to break the droids ability. Oh well, a nagging screen to update, but I can still use it. Not that I use it on the phone that much anyway.
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    Netflix Version 1.5 not working

    The newest version of Netflix, which has enabled Honeycomb 3.2 support has been all over the net today. I'm loving it on my Toshiba Thrive, but I tried playing a show on my Droid 2, and the screen is blank. The audio comes on but nothing for video. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, clearing...
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    [ROM] The CM7 Gingerbread ROM (CM4D2-GB) is now ready for prime time!

    Am I missing something or did development come to a halt for the D2? Last month updates were flying off the press like hotcakes, now nothing significant for awhile. Is everyone moving to Liquid?