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    Pdanet and new update

    Has anybody with unlimited data and a Verizon account, who is using an S5 with WiFi tether via Pdanet downloaded the new update? I need verification that FoxFi still works with this update. I'm on 4.4.2 so I'm guessing 4.4.3 update. Thamks in advance, Bob The update wasn't 4.4.3. false alarm.
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    Program for learning languages?

    Maybe Duolingo?
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    Rooting with new JB update?

    Thank you very much FoxKat and a thanks goes out to Dan Rosenberg . Donation sent.
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    Music on the Razr Maxx

    I use Itunes at home on a pc windows 7 laptop and have a Razor Maxx for a phone. My library is stored on a Buffalo tech NAS hard drive in Apple Lossless format. I use a laptop as a Jukebox and a Apple TV device to stream music to my receiver so no one but me has to touch my audio equipment (I...
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    Sling coming to your Droid??

    I own an older Slingbox AV and hope Sling Mobile will work with it. I've been waiting a long time for this, so if I have to buy an updated Slingbox, so be it. I have my fingers crossed that we will be able to use Sling Mobile on 3G and not be restricted to WiFi like the Iphone. If it's...
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    2.1 ESE53 will be Official Release on the VZW Motorola Droid

    Thank you. That was fast.
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    2.1 ESE53 will be Official Release on the VZW Motorola Droid

    This is my first update as a Droid owner and I have a few questions that I hope I can get answered. 1) Will this update prevent or possibly prevent tethering using PDAnet? 2) If I wanted to wait on installing the update, how do I do this if possible? 3) If I choose to block the...