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    pop-up message "error creating notification:java.util."

    I also wanted to mention that in my case this happens in two different conditions. First is tapping the Turn Off USB storage notification screen. Second is when booting the phone, If I don't put the password for the SIM card soon enough The same thing happens. But not every time in both cases...
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    pop-up message "error creating notification:java.util."

    Error Notification The important thing here is not what happened but what to do about it. Sure we know some app is causing this but on ICS this message will not go away. So the real answer is what program can be installed to clear these messages for one. Two, could it be a Java version...
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    ICS 4.0.9 Bluetooth disabled after use

    Does anyone ever heard of a bluetooth problem where Once you turn bluetooth on and later off it will not turn on again until you do a Battery remove and reboot. Rebooting alone does not help. Clearing memory or Optimizing does not work. It does it before the root and after the root. Reloaded...
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    Hi, I'm new to Android but learning fast, can and can't do. I would love to hear about your challenges and victories with the ICS version. Thanks for making this site possible.
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    Text to Speech Pico TTS has no way of accessing Bluetooth

    Is there a different TTS App that will allow you to switch to blue tooth like a call does. The Navigation TTS voice commands should be able to go out through blue tooth but I can't find a setting. When Blue tooth is on, my headset or car set works fine but Navigation voice does not go to the...