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  1. dlwhtrose

    VZW S6 Edge Update Unsuccessful

    I too am a bit confused. My sweet S6 E+ aka...... TOTO
  2. dlwhtrose

    Android Pay

    I also had this issue with my S6 Edge+ and so I started using Samsung pay and imho it is much better than Android Pay. You may want to check it out, it should be preloaded on your S7 but if not it is in the play store.
  3. dlwhtrose

    Emailing pictures from S7

    Welcome to the forum. I know with my S6 Edge + the more detailed the picture the slower the send. This is due to the size and pixilation. Like Leeshor said, reducing the resolution will help sending faster. But to be honest with the more advanced cameras we are getting on these phones, this...
  4. dlwhtrose

    Looking for a good launcher

    Okay so my question after reading this thread............ I have a S6 Edge + and I love to make it look not only sexy but girly. I currently use GO Launcher (and have for a while on other phones) because of the themes and ability to customize without rooting. Does Nova or Apex have the themes...
  5. dlwhtrose

    call blocker app?

    I have a Samsung phone and I use the "blocked calls" feature on my phone. I have tried other blockers and found that it started locking up my phone so I went back to using the one included in my phone. But I will have to say in the past I have used Blacklist and it was a good stable blocker...
  6. dlwhtrose

    Looking for a good cleaner

    I think Clean Master is one of the oldest cleaners for android out there. I have used it forever on my phones (and those that know me know I have gone through some phones.......LOL).
  7. dlwhtrose

    Verizon Will Charge Customers $10 Per Month to Suspend a Line Voluntarily (Starting April 17th)

    ^^^^^ Also if you are a contractor and are sent overseas you have the option to suspend your phone and Verizon will not charge you a fee. We did it for the three years my husband was in Afghanistan with no fee. Just had to prove that he was there due to work for the government. We got a...
  8. dlwhtrose

    S7 Edge - Frontal Camera fluzzy

    I had this same issue when I got my S6 Edge + and after weeks of being frustrated and missing some really good selfies with my husband in Hawaii, I found there is a very small clear cover on the front camera. It looked like it was a piece of plastic stuck on there to protect it in shipping...
  9. dlwhtrose

    best weather app

    +1 for Beautiful Widgets. I use it for the instant weather on my home page and if I click on it, it defaults to Accuweather. I really like it and like Jonny said, it has some nice custom widgets so no one has to settle for the stock look. In addition I also have WeatherBug, Weather Channel...
  10. dlwhtrose

    Unified Google Play App Icons Are Here!

    Yeah mine changed over night. Not happy at all. My sweet S6 E+ aka...... TOTO
  11. dlwhtrose

    Unified Google Play App Icons Are Here!

    I just looked and I don't have any of the new icons yet. Which is fine since I don't like them. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  12. dlwhtrose

    Don't forget to make an introduction thread!

    Sooooooo hi again. I'm back on a limited access basis. Lol. Been away from the forums for over a year due to some crazy family and work issues but am going to try to be back on more often. I currently have the Galaxy 6 edge+ and love it but went through several phones to get here. Lol. Looking...
  13. dlwhtrose

    [Solved] Lost black notification bar

    Never mind didn't read the thread to the end. I'm not rooted and really am not interested in doing so. Lol Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  14. dlwhtrose

    [Solved] Lost black notification bar

    What is doze and where the heck do I find it. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  15. dlwhtrose

    Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Facebook

    I use Sync.ME and it works pretty good. It takes my contacts and meshes them with my fb contacts and matches up their profile pic. So now in messages or when anyone calls their fb profile picture is what I see. Just one thing though, you have to have your contacts named the same as their fb...
  16. dlwhtrose

    [Solved] Lost black notification bar

    Well the mystery of the gray notification bar is solved. When in Power Saving mode on marshmallow the bar is gray. Turn PSM off and the bar goes to your theme. Personally that blows and does not make me happy. I like PSM so that I do not have to charge during the day. Ugggggg Sent from my...
  17. dlwhtrose

    Verizon Rolling Out Marshmallow for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

    So have you taken it out of power saving mode to check the notification bar? I haven't but I hate the gray and was wondering why it changed and have been trying to change it back. Lol. Guess I'm trying that next. Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  18. dlwhtrose

    [Solved] Lost black notification bar

    Thanks guys. I hope to get back on here more often. Just life has been crazy for me and those that have me on fb know what I mean. Lol Sent from my SM-G928V using Tapatalk
  19. dlwhtrose

    [Solved] Lost black notification bar

    Let me first say Hello. Been a while since I was on the forums. Been a crazy life. I got the marshmallow update this morning and beside the changes to my lock screen (which I don't like) I have also lost my black notification bar and for the life of me I cannot find how to change it back from...
  20. dlwhtrose

    Purchasing certain Samsung devices might earn you a free year of Netflix

    I was able to trade it in because of all my issues. Thankfully not one issue with the Note 4. Hope it stays that way. Sent from somewhere over the Rainbow using tapatalk