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    [ROM] (Old)Maverick for the Droid3 (MavROM) - V2.5

    So I recently installed Mav 2.5 on my D3 and I tried to install the stock blur messaging through the Maverick Toolbox, and it keeps saying script failed and it got rid of my other messaging app as well so now I have no text messaging capabilities someone help? :D
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    [ROM] [PORT] Eclipse 2.0

    So im not sure if its just me or not but when I try to open the my Verizon app it keeps giving me an error. Does anyone know what is causing this?
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    [ROM] [PORT] Eclipse 2.0

    anyone else having trouble with the music app force closing?
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    [ROM] [PORT] Eclipse 2.0

    Is there any way to install the original or inverted blur messaging? Because I prefer it over the cm7. I've tried flashing them through cam but when I start up my phone it doesn't have it installed. Just the cm7 like before.
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    [REQUEST:] Stock Keyboard modding/themeing

    I was wondering if there was anyone that could change, or tell me the steps needed to change the color of the stock multi touch keyboard to either a dark grey or a black. With Monster Rom 1.2 and the Inverted messaging app, I am just trying to keep the flow of the darkened look of the phone, and...
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    pressing volume buttons together

    Mine isn't doing this. It might be because im on monster rom?
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    [ROM] [RELEASE] Steel Droid: 5.0 Gingerbread - 1-11-2013

    I'm just curious as to if you could possibly make a short, simple guide on how you make create ROMs. Because I'm thinking about trying my hand at building one, but I'm not completely sure how to do it, and I cant really find a decent tutorial on how to do it. And I figure since you're familiar...
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    Extended Battery Calibration Issues

    Try one of the battery callibration apps off of the market if your rooted I got my extended battery off of amazon as well and once I used the app it has been working great Sent from my rooted DROID3 using DroidForums
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    What is the "Google DNS Hack" on SD3.0

    [TWEAK] Google DNS (No Verizon) - xda-developers Whole thread on XDA about the Google DNS
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    Nandroid backup fails

    Yeah you have to have an external sd card to backup Sent from my rooted DROID3 using DroidForums
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    [ROM] Monster Rom v1.1

    I know I've seen people reporting they are getting about 200mb free on their memory But for some reason my won't go any higher than 80, and it makes some things lag on my phone when I use them Such as listening to music or streaming of any sort. It wasn't happening before i flashed this rom but...
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    Can't connect to PC anymore

    Are you using the cable that came with the phone? Or are you using another cable you just had lying around Sent from my rooted DROID3 using DroidForums
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    "Stuck" Keys and Keypress Fails on Hard Keyboard.

    Search the droid 3 forums for OTA and you should be able to find it Sent from my DROID3 using DroidForums
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    "Stuck" Keys and Keypress Fails on Hard Keyboard.

    I have installed the update, and as for the stuck keys, that problem has disappeared as far as I can tell. However it still takes me 5+ presses to get the alt key to work most of the time. I believe that is an actual physical flaw with the phone where the button isn't making good contact.
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    Home Switcher and Go Launcher question.

    No I did not remove or freeze any blur apps, and thats what the help part of the app told me to do. But when I go to the app, any of the homescreen apps, the "clear default" button is grayed out. So I cant clear the defaults.
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    Home Switcher and Go Launcher question.

    I'm probably going to sound dumb but I have Home Switcher for froyo with Go Launcher Ex and I'm trying to set the stock moto homescreen as the default, but I cannot figure out how to set it as the default, I have tried what it says to do in the help feature, and I even installed a 3rd launcher...
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    Lost contacts shortcut

    You long press the screen you want it to be on, and click widgets, then scroll down till you can click on Quick Contacts.
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    Droid 3 frozen in "manual" sleep mode

    Clicking the power button doesn't put it in sleep mode, it just locks the screen. And if you hold the power button and put it in sleep mode all you have to do is hold the power button to wake it back up. Simple as that. Sent from my DROID3 using DroidForums
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    One main thing I hate about the the droid 3

    I found if you hold the phone kinda tight in one hand and use the other to push pressure on the battery cover while pushing up towards the notch, it comes off super easy Sent from my DROID3 using DroidForums
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    Droid 3 battery question

    So I'm not going to try this cuz idk what it would do to my phone but as my friend pointed out the droid 2 standard battery is the same model as the droid 3 extended battery. So I'm guessing that this means you could use the stock droid 2 battery as an extended battery for the droid 3? And if so...