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  1. FunN4Lo

    Drive Mode

    The Android Auto app did the text on my S4 over BT of the car stereo. I have been doing that for a while. AA was originally designed to work with AA stereo head units. But Google set up the stand alone feature, a little while back to work on the phone alone. When the stand alone first came...
  2. FunN4Lo

    Bixby Button

    I remaped my Bix button to Google now. But I could only get it to work by swiping over from the home screen. Pushing the button did not work. However a double tap on the button works. Sweeeeeeeeet
  3. FunN4Lo

    Samsung Galaxy Camera (not phone)

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Camera 2. Not a Samsung phone with a camera, but a camera with the android operating system. It is the best tool I have in my business, bar none. But it is very long in the tooth and in need of replacement. I guess Sammy is no longer making this camera. Does anyone...
  4. FunN4Lo

    Android Auto Issues

    I have a Samy S4 on 5.0.1, but this issue seams to run the gambit of phones makes and OS's. I am in the market for an Android Auto enabled radio/head unit. Before I buy one, I thought I would try out Android Auto on my phone as it is supposed to work directly on the phone now. When I try to...
  5. FunN4Lo

    Will you choose the Pixel XL over the Pixel?

    My VZW store was supposed to get demos today. I will try to take a look tomorrow, but I am leaning to the XL
  6. FunN4Lo

    Avatar on the new forum

    My avatar always looked good on the old forum. After the upgrade it is blurry and compressed. Whats happening?
  7. FunN4Lo

    Google maps/navigation

    You can turn the voice volume up or down or mute it. Is that what you are looking for?
  8. FunN4Lo

    Moto 360 is One Hot SmartWatch

    I couldn't imagine how functional a Pebble watch is until I got one. Makes me wonder what I did without it. The Moto360 looks like making the leap from B&W TV straight to HDTV. Looking forward to it
  9. FunN4Lo

    Funny Sign Thread

    I should turn which way?
  10. FunN4Lo

    Pictures to a specific folder?

    The native app
  11. FunN4Lo

    Pictures to a specific folder?

    I use Gallery. But I do not know how to use Gallery to make pics auto-drop into a specific folder. Enlighten me
  12. FunN4Lo

    Pictures to a specific folder?

    I take 300-500 pics a day. I need to keep them better organised. Is there a way to create a folder and have the pics you take go into that folder?
  13. FunN4Lo

    Just needed to RANT about Verizon.

    See sig
  14. FunN4Lo

    Where Is The Zoom?

    On the S4 setting the function of the volume rocker is in settings of the camera app. I can switch it back and forth from taking a pic to zoom. I would "guess" the S5 would be the same way.
  15. FunN4Lo

    parrot drone

    I never tasted one, so I can't confirm sweet or savory
  16. FunN4Lo

    Are Smartwatches The Next Craze?

    Pebble is water proof
  17. FunN4Lo

    parrot drone

    Not yet, but leaning heavily to a DJI Phantom Vision 2+
  18. FunN4Lo

    Terrible Battery Life on 4.4.2

    Knock on wood, my battery life seams much improved.
  19. FunN4Lo

    Play Music and album art

    At one of the major OS updates in the past, everyone was complaining because the Play Music app was updating album art etc on everyone's side loaded music. This caused huge lags for those with lots of music. Now that I have loaded some more music, how do I get the album art etc to update?
  20. FunN4Lo

    Verizon corporate store

    I never work in the same place twice. Verizon service works anywhere and everywhere, while others around me either have no data, or no voice. So I stay. But my sig explains almost any interactions with humans at Verizon, whether it be at a store or in 1-800 hell.