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  1. gravebelly

    "Official"? Bionic battery life thread

    Well I got my Bionic on launch date and also got a extendedbattery. I do not know why but I decidedto use the stock battery starting 2 days ago. One thing is there have been updates since the launch. My phone is stock with the 5.9.902 system version. For some reason I am getting as good...
  2. gravebelly

    Droid owner needing help with windows phone

    Well here is a little more news sounds lie more then a rumor. According to Softpedia, the Finnish company plans torelease a flagship Windows Phone 8 device on Verizon Wireless in the US. As perreports, the smartphone will be released sometime this fall and will includeNokia's PureView...
  3. gravebelly

    Droid owner needing help with windows phone

    The different version of windows 8 looks awesome. I researchedmore on the Windows RT. It will be great I cannot wait. I will say though Ilove the lap dock concept with my current droid. I hope this will be a featureoffered. If not maybe the all in one tablet will do. Another thing I like aboutMS...
  4. gravebelly

    Droid owner needing help with windows phone

    Thanks man. If would have asked this question in an Iphone forum I would have probably been bashed so thats why I came here. I think something will be offered. I read that they are waiting for the upgrade windows 8 (rumor) before verizon sales the windows phone. I am not sure how true it is...
  5. gravebelly

    Droid owner needing help with windows phone

    Hello all, I am a droid owner (Bionic since release and Droid X before that) with some questions. I know this is a droid forum and I come here often. I love my droid and my lapdock. I went into ATT today to try out the new windows phone and I personally like it a lot. I have had Iphone (my...
  6. gravebelly

    "Official"? Bionic battery life thread

    I have had Bionic since release. After getting extended battery no problems. The battery ran its cycle a few times and appears to be getting stronger or it is at its stongest point. A battery company "Mugen" have made batteries for the bionic and are suppose to be good check link out. Verzion...
  7. gravebelly

    Bionic LapDock Impressions

    I bought the Lap Dock about a week ago. It is very light. On the second day of use I got use to the keyboard and I like it. Love watching netflix in office on bigger screen while i work. I am a heavy word user. I found that I like using Office Pro and it meets my needs. Love the fact of...
  8. gravebelly

    Extended Battery Showdown

    I did 3 battery cycle drains. I can make through 10 hours of work with moderate use and still not have to charge until bed time :) I am very happy with extend battery and highly recommend it.
  9. gravebelly

    Juice Defender Ultimate settings

    Hey all, To all that is running Juice Defender Ultimate do you care to share your setup? I noticed a huge difference in my battery life on stock battery on Bionic. One of my questions is the Triggers tab were you can configure apps. I disabled all the pre installed applications that i dont...
  10. gravebelly

    "Official"? Bionic battery life thread

    Fucco, I think if there is not a thread started we need to start one. I will go ahead and post one and maybe some of the vets can help us with program. I am still messing with all the settings. I think you will get a delay for about 5 to 10 seconds. The beauty of this program is that 4g or...
  11. gravebelly

    "Official"? Bionic battery life thread

    Extended Battery will be here today. As a note the program Juice Defender is great. I got the Juice Defender Ultimate. There are a lot of settings to control a lot of things on your phone. I got the best battery life ever yesterday but i am still learning the program. One good feature is it...
  12. gravebelly

    Is Bionic Battery Life Really This Abysmal??

    There is a free app on the market called LTE Switch. I made a widget and allows you to turn on and off 4 g o you dont have to go through the settings.
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    Excellent tip! plus 1
  14. gravebelly

    Clicking while watching Netflix?

    I had same issue with clicking/pop sound when watching with phone. No problem on TV though. I dont know what I have done but it is gone now. The only things I have done is let phone shut down and did a full charge and I also pulled the battery and its gone. I am not sure why? On a good note...
  15. gravebelly

    Am i the only one who just isn't happy

    I got better battery life after letting battery power off phone then recharged over night. The improvement was great and it appears to be getting better and thats with stock battery. Cant wait to do this to extended battery. I was concerned about battery until I got better results now I am a...
  16. gravebelly

    PC doesn't see Bionic when docked in SD Dock

    Not at my HD Dock but I thing I just open with the "Files" widget that was installed when on HD Dock. The SD and HD are 2 different docks which you probably already know. My HD Dock is connected to a HDMI monitor. You can also access PC files to bionic with the zumocast app installed on...
  17. gravebelly

    Post your top apps for your Bionic !

    I highly recommend Mr. Number. This application does a pretty good job identifying unknown numbers. It also has white pages built in the application and number reverse. You can also look at the log of calls and put numbers on block if desired. Netflix is great if you already have a...
  18. gravebelly

    Advantage of Bionic over D3?

    4g is way faster. This thread has turned into my dad can beat up your dad type of mentality lol. The bionic is a super fine phone and i am sure the droid 3 is not a bad phone
  19. gravebelly

    PC doesn't see Bionic when docked in SD Dock

    The HD Dock is great its got 3 usb ports and hdmi port on dock. Launches firefox browser no problems. I am not usre though about SD Dock.