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    Anyone envy the RAZR maxx??? Stopped by the store and love that 3300 battery....

    Nope. You do know that the GN has a removable battery right? 1800mah original + 2100mah extended >3300 mah non removable battery.
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    After reading still unsure what to purchase

    Keep your DX until something you like is released. I hung on to my upgrade for many months until the release of the Gnex.
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    Disappointed with the Incipio Feather Case :(

    I bought the feather case and realized that it's just an oversized battery cover. If you were to drop it on it's top or bottom you have no protection at all. I do like the soft touch feel of it though.
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    Another ICS browser + user. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using DroidForums
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    Softkey custom images

    Awesome! Thanks for the link. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using DroidForums
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    Anyone Else's Nexus Setting Off Store Anti-Theft Alarms?

    I haven't ran into anti theft alarm issues but I have ran into radar detector problems. I can't have my radar detector on when I'm in an area that has 4g. It goes off constantly. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using DroidForums
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    Root Galaxy Nexus

    Is there a method that allows you to root without unlocking the bootloader?
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    question about Gameloft's Let's Golf 2

    Have you found all the hidden medals on each course?
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    ok, like whats the deal? Why wont gameloft release Nova 2?

    Fragmentation. iOS devs develop for 4 devices. 3g,3gs,4 and ipad. Android devs have to develop for a bajillion phones/tablets and OS versions. What may run good on someones DX may run like a turtle on a Dinc or vise versa. On iOS they can spend more time fine tuning their games instead of...
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    Any blur-less ROMs with HDMI?

    Unfortunatly no it won't enable it
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    [ROM]One small step for man one giant leap for --- Liberty 1.5 2/2/2011

    I ran into the same issue and decided stock or Apex would suit me better. I highly recommend Apex 1.4 you can remove or add as much blur that you want without crippling your phones main functionality such as Hdmi out.
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    New PSX Emulator

    Worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip :icon_ banana:
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    New PSX Emulator

    Is there a way to use the memory card saves from psx4droid on Fpse? I have a ton of time invested in FFVII and would like to start where I left off using the new emulator.
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    [ROM]One small step for man one giant leap for --- Liberty 1.5 2/2/2011

    I don't understand why people want to get rid of blur. If you don't like it use a different launcher. There are a lot of blur elements that just work right for the DX. Hopefully the next version of liberty will give us a choice on what blur apps we want to keep or get rid of.
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    [ROM]One small step for man one giant leap for --- Liberty 1.5 2/2/2011

    I don't see why not. In the toolbox you can install the blur camera and blur gallery. How come no DX blur media player that supports hdmi?
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    [ROM]One small step for man one giant leap for --- Liberty 1.5 2/2/2011

    No HDMI out support? Why would you cripple one of the best features of the phone? I was enjoying this ROM so much until I found this out. Back to stock :icon_frown:
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    Auto reboot?

    ^^ I agree.
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    Gameloft Releases Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus for Android

    Out of all the game devs that develop for android Gameloft makes the best games. For the price you can't beat the quality. Downloaded this game and it rocks! I love the online multiplayer.
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    GO Launcher EX V2.0 released

    I would switch in a heartbeat if it had social network widgets like lpp
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    Is there a way to block ads?

    Root your DX and install adfree.