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    Bluetooth music issues

    I'm guessing there isn't a fix. Disappointing that such an awesome phone can have such a blaring defect. I used my old HTC DNA and ran flawless bluetooth for almost five hours Friday night.
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    Bluetooth music issues

    Hey All, I'm wondering if anyone has found a fix for the Bluetooth issues on the Galaxy S5. Mine's a Sprint version AOS=4.4.2. I only stream to my UE Boom BT speakers via Spotify, and when I do I get really spotty performance (no pun intended). From my research, this seems to be a common...
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    Default CPU Settings - Galaxy S5

    I'm looking for the stock min/max, or recommended rooted min/maxes. I rooted my Galaxy and downloaded SetCPU and changed my settings before realizing SetCPU is way old...
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    Default CPU Settings - Galaxy S5

    Does anyone know the stock Min/Max CPU settings for the Galaxy S5?
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    Solved Deleted default font on Galaxy S5 - Any restore options?

    Hey all, Solved my own issue, hope this helps others. I was able to find the stock S5 fonts on XDA by Googling Galaxy S5 stock fonts. Downloaded the ZIP and extracted them to a folder on my PC desktop, connected my phone and created a folder called Stock Fonts in my phones Download folder...
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    Solved Deleted default font on Galaxy S5 - Any restore options?

    Happy Holidays Everyone! My contract was up, so I jumped the Verizon ship and sprung for a Sprint Galaxy S5. Needless to say I went crazy on the mods, I rooted with towel root, and downloaded Font Installer. In the process of installing fonts, I did not backup my stock fonts (don't judge)...
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    Phone just downloaded an update, rooted, won't install ...

    My phone just downloaded a Verizon firmware update. I'm rooted, so I'm guessing this is why it's not installing. It starts, then leaves me with a little droid man under a triangle with an exclamation point. If I pull the battery, it will boot up again, then within a minute reboots and trys to...
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    Get a TB or keep my DX?

    I've had my TB for about two weeks and never once had a reboot. I stay juiced so battery isn't an issue ... it's blazing fast on 3G (haven't been in a 4G area yet).
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    Text message delivery notification failure on Gingerbread ..

    Anyone got a fix for this ... I'm running into the same thing with GoSMS.
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    Multiple entries on my calendars

    Droid1 - I have my Google calendar and my work Outlook Exchange calendars sync'd on my phone. I have up to three entries for each of my Exchange calendar entries and for the life of me can't figure out why. When I open my Outlook on my PC there is only one entry. Any ideas why my phone is...
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    Odd Keyboard Layout - Handcent

    Used to have a typical qwerty style layout in portrait, now it has two letters per key ... the layout is qwerty in landscape. I looked for a setting but can't seem to find the right one to get the qwerty back in portrait. Help!
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    FlatPad 10" Android 2.1 Tablet now available in US for $285

    It's called discussion, and because of the discussion I learned something. Thanks to both of you for contributions. Until I read this thread today, I too, belived capacitative screens responded to heat. Must be a few on the news team with misinformation. Cha!
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    UD to BB

    Gotta do Luna over the UD!!! Awesome, simply awesome. Best ROM and Theme combo ... hands(et) down!!!!
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    Droid X Multitouch Keyboard has been ported and Available!

    Bub's in the dub needing a rub, guess I'll settle for a sub (scription that is).
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    Ultimate Droid Froyo eXtreme 2.5.0 vs. Bugless Beast V0.4 Android 2.2 FRF84B

    UDX 3.5.0 - Unbelievable battery life, excellent options. Best ROM ever. And of course, Luna themed!!!!!!!!
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    How does the Ally compare to the Droid?

    Girlfriend's got the Ally. It's a cheap imitation of King Droid. Not as responsive and definitely not as kick ass. What is it with VZW/Asurion offering people a cheap Android device for Droid claims. I read somewhere someone was offered an Eris too. Take the Droid or hold out for a Droid X/2...
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    Droid X camera is disapointing (pictures inside)

    How do the HTC cameras compare to Motorola's?
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    DROID X Boot Animation (Blue Color) Edited By Me

    Yesssss! I've been wanting this since Luna's theme became my go-to! Thanks a million!!
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    When and how often do you think I should charge the droid?

    One at home, one in the Exploder and another at work (PC). I'm juicing whenever I can. Can't get enough juice, need more juice, anybody got juice? Please just a little juice, just a little, please. More juice. :icon_ banana: Ah ... that's better.
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    tired of the droid.

    I get exactly what these 'complainers' are saying. I manage people in a corporate environment and many of them don't/can't think for themselves and will make every excuse not to. I am relatively tech savvy, so I appreciate a device that allows me to experiment and customize to my heart's...