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  1. DF Smod

    Android Design in Action: New in Android 4.4

    Join Nick Butcher, Adam Koch and Roman Nurik as they discuss various elements of Android Design. Here they cover the new UI features and design guidelines for Android 4.4 KitKat, let us know what you think while you wait for your Nexus 5, for a KitKat release for your device, or cook up a...
  2. DF Smod

    Hey Vapers! Where ya'll at?

    Ha, this sounds high tech - like [Br] [Ba] only with Nicotine [C]arbon [N]itrogen [H]ydrogen
  3. DF Smod

    More excited about the nexus 5 or 4.4 key lime pie (kit kat)

    More excited about the software update - constantly upgrading hardware to keep up with the times is for the birds :wink-b:
  4. DF Smod

    Screen protector or no screen protector?

    I am using the Spigen Glass.t Nano on my S4 with a stylus and I will never use anything less than a real glass screen protector - it far exceeded my expectations :nerd:
  5. DF Smod

    Humorous Video Shows Off the Power of Google Fiber

    Nice, I was waiting for the pool to give way :nerd:
  6. DF Smod

    Good Screen Protector for the Maxx HD

    Today my Spigen Glass.t Nano screen protector came in, it's glass so it feels just like the screen and install was a breeze, if you can find a glass screen protector for your device [whatever it may be] I'd say it's the only way to go!
  7. DF Smod

    Show us your Galaxy S4 Case

    Ughhh, this case looks so nice I ended up going to the Spigen Site buying the Infinity White, along with the Glasst-R Nano screen protector and the [Al] Button Set - another [case] of the "Show us your" threads gone right :crazy:
  8. DF Smod

    Anyone else using a stylus?

    I had a friend give me one, it was hot pink and the size of a pre k crayola but I liked it so much I bought one that fit my style a little better. Keep in mind I don't break it out every time I make a phone call but for hacking, surfing, and long term use is been a wrist saver :nerd: I went...
  9. DF Smod

    Show us your Galaxy S4 Case

    I bought two so I can mix match :nerd:
  10. DF Smod

    How often do you check email on your mobile device?

    Same here, I keep mobile data off most of the time - phone still rings and texts come battery life is crazy long :cool-b:
  11. DF Smod

    Where are ringtones stored

    The Gnex still has internal storage you can access with a simple file manager. Just make a folder named media and inside of that folder make some more folders, ringtones, notifications then drop the mp3 files in the according folders. They should then show up along side of your stock ones in the...
  12. DF Smod

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 Screenshot Thread

    Clean and simple :wink-b:
  13. DF Smod

    Post pictures taken with your Galaxy S4

    S4 #selfie :cool-b:
  14. DF Smod

    ★ The Official "I got my Galaxy S4" thread ★

    Alright, my turn...picked up an S4 a few weeks ago after *gulp* a year with a Casio G'zone. It started the OTA update in Best Buy as soon as they handed it to me so I hit airplane mode, went home, rooted, flashed TWR, and installed PAC ROM. This device is an all around beauty, glad to have an...
  15. DF Smod

    New Jelly Bean Boot Animation

    Very nice, a huge step up from the HC one we saw on the Xoom!!! Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
  16. DF Smod

    Google's New Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Brings Performance Improvements and More

    Just like everyone else I'm looking forward to some Google love, gonna have to pass on the Nexus7 so an update to ICS in the sweet form of Jelly Bean is going to be a nice summer treat! Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
  17. DF Smod

    Finally... a Battery Life Improvement App that Actually Works Well: Carat

    I like the idea, gonna run it for a few days just to see what it says... Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
  18. DF Smod

    [ROM] [CDMA] PARANOIDANDROID [CM9HYBRID] 1.3b speed fix, bugfixes, force option for widgets

    Updated thread to v1.3, don't forget to mark this as installed folks!!! Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  19. DF Smod

    [poll] dark edge resurrection??

    Here's my setup so I vote yes! :nerd: Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
  20. DF Smod

    [ROM] [CDMA] PARANOIDANDROID [CM9HYBRID] 1.3b speed fix, bugfixes, force option for widgets

    molesarecoming did another excellent job on this and the toro port by skusa is much appreciated!!! Sent from my Galaxy Nexus