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    Opinions Please...How do you like your Rezound??

    Currently using a rock-solid rooted Droid X, but with the $79 Rezound price, 4G and then ICS right around the corner, I'm thinking of picking one up. OK, how satisfied are you guys with the Rezound? The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S III looks to be very sweet but is it worth the extra $$...
  2. Droid Legion needs your help! Please +1 us.

    Great Karma! I'm in.
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    Droid X Gets its Gingerbread OTA; Available Now

    D/l OTA right now. About 12% complete. I've been to busy at work/home to discover all the benefits of Gingerbread...does it come with sprinkles??
  4. Droid Legion Xmas Android Tablet Give Away!

    Very generous of all parties involved. Thanks to, and Good luck to all that enter the contest.
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    WSJ: Verizon IPhone Confirmed!!

    Will it come with a free antenna sleeve?
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    Great post ! Sticky plz.
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    Verizon extending Droid X early upgrade program to more customers

    Verizon allowed me to upgrade to an X a month early, but this is not uncommon. Now my daughter wants an X and her Blackberry upgrade isn't until October. I've called *611 three times and each time they said "nope". I'm going to keep an eye on this thread and email in hopes a workaround comes...
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    Well, I thought I wanted one. eFuse to brick your phone for you?

    I never heard of eFuse until I read a couple of articles at another website. I'm wondering if eFuse can be turned on/off via OTA. .
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    We wanted you to know that your Verizon Wireless order was shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Completely agree. This is my second online order. No mail-in rebate and no wasting time at the store. In-store is like ordering take-out at a popular restaurant on a Saturday night.
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    Motorola says buy a different phone

    Well, I just checked Motorola's stock and it's up $0.25/share. I wonder how it'll do in the coming 2-4 week period if the number of X's are not sold compared to their projections. I know a lot of people who can't get the Incredible are shooting for the X, instead. Time will tell.
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    For all you die hard X fans out there...

    I'm signed. Hello X
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    Droid Forums Shirts?

    I want a shirt in XL...a premium-quality ball cap with adjustable strap...3 pairs of DroidForum monogrammed socks...a bug-out bag with the text/logo...6 beer mugs outfitted accordingly...a cigar-sized ashtray for my, uh, cigars...a golf microfiber windshirt in XL, monogrammed...
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    Welcome newbie....from a guy who has less posts than you ! :hail: :biggrin:
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    what's your custom ringtone?

    This...starting at 0:16"]YouTube - I am very glad, because I'm finally returning back home (Trololo)
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    Droid X reactions from customers

    Very Nice! Thanks for posting.
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    Will you purchase the Motorola Droid X

    well da*n it to h*ll. Sunday, mine went for $505. How do you do it? :hail:
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    Will you purchase the Motorola Droid X

    My daughter's phone is due for an upgrade in July, but Daddy's gonna use it to get The X. :biggrin: My Incredible is on eBay as I type this and I've reverted to my BlackBerry til The X is in my hands. Gotta sell it while it's hot Looking at ebay right now, I'll make at least $150 over what I...
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    Motorola, Verizon announcing 'next generation of Droid' on June 23 - [Engadget]

    Holy Moly that Droid X is huge! You'd need a Franklin Day Planner to carry it around :lifting: I'm not impressed. I'll stick with my Incredible for now...
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    Max Von Droid here

    4/10/2010 Max Von Droid here...the lovely wife and I were in Verizon selecting a new phone for her and...well, you can guess the rest. I'm a former Crackberry-ian, but as of exactly a week ago today, I'm officially a Droid owner. I've been checking out this site and I've got a bit of a...