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    Flash OG Droid to Walmart's Straight Talk possible?

    I hate to sound repetitious, but I too would love to have the information.
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    The Ultimate Droid 3.0.1 - Multiple Phones

    I'm having the same issue. Is there any way to flash the phone/contacts apk from 3.0?
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    *~*~*~*Cakes' Closet*~*~*~* Come on in girls!

    I would be happy to test it for you, Cakes. It will be later this evening when I get home and access to my wife's phone
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    *~*~*~*Cakes' Closet*~*~*~* Come on in girls!

    I can't believe nobody had come up with the idea to theme their theme with multiple choice before. BRILLIANT!!! I don't know if you are taking requests or not, but my wife really wants some butterflies in your closet. And do these work on the RR for Liberty x?
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    Droid X Girls

    My wife just got a case she ordered from ebay. Purple with butterflies for under $10
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    [Release][Theme]*~*Rockin’ Rainbows*~*

    The wife is totally loving the theme. Just showed her the updates you got coming and she can't wait. Great work and thanks to all who made this available for the X. I'm sure it will be fixed with the update, but I noticed that the ongoing notifications are still black on black
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    [Release][Theme]*~*Rockin’ Rainbows*~*

    I'm also getting the installation aborted message.
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    Team Fusion Theme Ports

    Thanks for the GE for UD 2.5.dancedroid The X can be themed with or without a ROM. My wife is currently running a ROMless theme by Bignadad called BigDx Serenity pink. She said she would let me put a rom on it depending on which one got Rockin Rainbows first, unless you make one ROMless.
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    Team Fusion Theme Ports

    Golden Elegance for UD 2.5 on the OG droid. The wife would love to get Rockin Rainbows on the X
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    Uncapped data mod for BB, interested?

    Will this one work for 6.2?
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    ban on juice defender

    What I do when my 3g sticks because of juice defender is turn on airplane mode then turn it back off and it kick starts the 3g
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    Themes For The Ultimate Droid 2.3.0 - All Devices

    Still hoping for some GE love
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    [Release][Theme]*~*Rockin’ Rainbows*~*

    My wife is waiting-very impatiently- for UD for her Droid X just so she can get Rockin Rainbows. Great work Cakes
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    Excited Noob

    You're a better man than me, my friend. There is no way in hell I would be able to restrain myself til Xmas if I had an X just sitting there teasing me....droid-eyeballing me. Power Amp is a great music player with an equalizer and presets. Some other great apps Dolphin Browser Hd, Juice...
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    [Release][Theme] Golden Elegance for multiple ROMs.....

    Is there any chance that GE will be ported to UD 2.1?
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    New Unlimited Plan from Big Red?

    This sounds like it's gonna be great for me. 3 OG Droids and 1 X on my plan. I will save a significant amount on my bill. AWESOME!!!!
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    [MetaMorph /UltimateDroid 1.0.0] NFL Logo'd Lockscreens & Pulldowns

    I am running the Golden Elegance theme and was wondering if you had made an for the Redskins yet. I have even tried Ninja morph to change the png's and just got a boot loop there too Sent from my Droid using DroidForums App
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    [Release][Theme] Golden Elegance for multiple ROMs.....

    Thanks Kook. Worked like a charm. Love your work and your dedication to perfection and great job on the port Sneaky. Donations soon to follow
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    [Release][Theme] Golden Elegance for multiple ROMs.....

    Golden elegance is by far my favorite theme and I waited to upgrade to UD 1.0.0 til it was ported. I'm just having two small issue with it now. The time on the lockscreen is not lining up right and the first number is cut off. Also the slide to accept a call is cut off. They're both things I can...
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    [Release][Theme] Golden Elegance for multiple ROMs.....

    OK I'll bite. How long did it take you to port this, Sneaky?