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  1. RichStevenson

    Dialing Conference Codes is Slow

    When I dial a number from an app like the stock Calendar that requires a conference code after connecting, it automatically dials that code, but very slowly. It's almost a continuous tone as it dials. Takes about 3 seconds for the code to be dialed. It doesn't matter where I dial it from. Stock...
  2. RichStevenson

    Tied my S4 into the home automation system

    Now I can talk to my phone and have it turn on the lights! Control your Insteon System with your Voice | Rich Stevenson
  3. RichStevenson

    RAZR stuck at boot screen

    Apologies for the late update. I had found that utility, and THOUGHT the battery had enough of a charge. I thought wrong.... I was waiting on the fast boot cable to arrive, which came yesterday. Ran the utility again, and the phone is up and running!
  4. RichStevenson

    RAZR stuck at boot screen

    So my wife's RAZR decided it no longer wanted to boot. It started the day before where the phone would randomly reboot itself. Since she had a bunch of crap installed, I told her to start uninstalling most of them, and if that didn't help I would just reset the phone. The next day it's stuck at...
  5. RichStevenson

    Complete Action Using...

    Ok here's the scenario... I'm using SugarSync to store and access my files. Some of those files are VBscipt (.vbs), and Powershell (.ps1). With the SugarSync client on both my Toshiba tablet running ICS and the Bionic, I click on one of the above files, and the 'Complete Action Using' menu pops...
  6. RichStevenson

    Another 4G outage?

    Mines back now also. Thanks
  7. RichStevenson

    Another 4G outage?

    I'm in NE Ohio and lost my 4G connection. EVDO is working though. VZW says they haven't had other complaints yet this morning, but they're treating this as an outage call. Anyone else havong 4G problems today?
  8. RichStevenson

    WiFi and 3G/4G Simultaneously

    Ok I've searched and I'm pretty sure this isn't possible, but thought I'd asked anyway. First here's my situation... I'm in a rural area with no access to broadband via cable or DSL. My internet connection is through VZW's 4510L MiFi device. I've setup a wireless bridge to the MiFi to allow...
  9. RichStevenson

    Need WiFi tether but can't root

    The company I work for makes us use 'Good for Enterprise' for connecting to the Exchange email system. Problem is, with this app, they can check if your phone is rooted, and if it is disable the ability to receive company email. I need to enable WiFi tethering on the Bionic, but can't root...
  10. RichStevenson

    Screen goes black and phone will not wake up after call ends

    This makes me wonder.... I dont have the issue but I did on my D2. Maybe an app causing it that I had installed on the D2 but not the Bionic. Maybe you guys can compare apps and eliminate the common denominator? Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk
  11. RichStevenson

    Questions about some of the Battery Mode features

    It won't affect your phone calling, only data. But it would affect your tracking app. Anything that syncs is what it's referring to. So anything under My Accounts.
  12. RichStevenson

    Market Downloads

    Yes that list is everything that is currently running. If that's all you have you're doing ok. If for example you install an app and it always runs in the background, you can add it to the Auto-end List from the Task Manager. I haven't used that myself though, and I know 3rd party task killers...
  13. RichStevenson

    [Giveaway] HD Widgets

    Reaching for the stars here, but I'd like to have the ability to: a.) Turn off the manufactures custom GUI (i.e. Blur) leaving me with the stock Android experience. b.) Have the bloatware installed where I can uninstall if I want to. Without rooting....
  14. RichStevenson

    ring tones

    Could it be duplicate contacts? Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk
  15. RichStevenson

    HD dock and HDMI

    Thanks for the info on the connectors. Mine seems a little better now that it's been in and out a few times. You won't need an audio cable using the HDMI. HDMI will carry the audio and video. I bought mine intending on using it at hotels since I travel a lot for work. So I didn't want a full...
  16. RichStevenson

    Market Downloads

    When you say charger you do mean the actual charger plugged into the wall, right? Not charging via USB? With everything this phone does the battery does take a hit. If you're not in 4G area or not using the phone in a manner where 4G would matter, you could drop to just 3G CDMA. Check for apps...
  17. RichStevenson

    upload contacts via Excel

    Yes you can import contacts from a .csv file from the Gmail website. Click Contacts, then More button, and then Import. You can also import vCards from there as well. And I believe you can export your contacts from Outlook as a .csv.
  18. RichStevenson

    Text messages while in car dock

    So I had my Bionic in the car dock today, and received a text message. A box popped up and a voice asked me to say Listen if I wanted the message read to me. It then proceeded to read the incoming text to me! Pretty cool and unexpected. Not sure if this is a function of the car dock, or a...
  19. RichStevenson

    Verizon Activites 4G LTE in over 20 New Markets; Expands in Others

    Perfect! They expand Cleveland only 3 weeks after I dump $100 for an antennae.:D C'est la vie
  20. RichStevenson


    Looks like it may not support "All" wireless printers. From their site: Supports new and legacy Postscript laser printers, HP inkjets and Epson inkjets directly from the mobile device. Supports all other printer types and connections, including USB, via the free MOTOPRINT Host Application...