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  1. J

    text alerts

    I use Handcent for texts. To change that, go into handcent and click on the star in the top right corner. Then settings> notification settings> notification settings (again)> enable reminders. I don't know about voice mail.
  2. J

    New questions about ring back tones

    Oops, I was about a half a minute late. lol
  3. J

    New questions about ring back tones

    Ring Back Tones are the music people here when THEY are calling you, not what YOU hear when they are calling you. As far as I know, you can only Get them and set them through Verizon.
  4. J

    How do I stop display timeout in GPS?

    Try screebl lite. It's free and it works great for me.
  5. J

    What are my options to make my stock X look better?

    Try folder organizer. Its not free, but you can change any app icon or make folders using any icon. I'm using that, with launcher pro. Sent from my DROIDX using DroidForums App
  6. J

    songs in wrong order

    I loaded a bunch of music on my X today (drag and drop from Itunes). The artists and albums seem fine, but the songs are in alphabetical order rather than the order they were on the album. Any ideas?
  7. J

    Best screen editing app?

    Folder organizer also lets you change the home screen icons. It works well. I've been using it for quite some time now.
  8. J

    D1 gallery problem

    Thanks for the help. I must have misread something. I don't have any pics to hide, I was just bored and wanted to see how it worked. I'm not overly tech savvy, but I like to tinker and know how things work.
  9. J

    D1 gallery problem

    I made a .nomedia directory on the sdcard and moved one pic to it to see how it worked. Now my gallery is saying there are no pics at all. But all the pics and movies are still on the sd card. Any suggestions? I should also say that yesterday I loaded a movie (had 2 others already), and it...
  10. J

    Loading movies

    Connect your phone to your computer via usb. Make a new folder (on the sd card) named movies. Drag the movie from your computer to that folder. Mine are mp4's and the stock gallery plays them fine.
  11. J

    Facebook pictures loading sidsways

    If you are taking the pics with the phone in portrait, they will load side ways. You have to turn the phone to landscape ( sideways). Sent from my Droid using DroidForums App
  12. J

    D2 Extended Battery

    Yeah, I kinda thought it wouldn't make that big of a difference. I have no problem carrying an extra battery. Looks like i'll be going that route. Thanks for the help.
  13. J

    D2 Extended Battery

    I've been planning on getting a replacement battery and charger from amazon for like $20 (in that neighborhood). Would the extended battery for the D2 last as long as 2 stock D1 batteries? If so, that would be the better option.
  14. J

    Icon change problem?

    I recently purchased folder organizer, and it allows me to change every icon using any icon pack that I have tried. I have never tried Bettercut, so I hope this helps. Also, I am using LP.
  15. J

    Screen lighting up?

    Handcent has a setting to make the screen come on with a pop up when you get a text. There is also an app called sms popup. I think it will do the same thing, but I haven't actually tried it.
  16. J

    music junk

    I used "musicjunk", but there is no folder named that, or any new folders.
  17. J

    music junk

    This may sound retarded (lol), but I can't find a song when I download it. Does anyone know where it gets downloaded to? I've searched astro, but it is nowhere to be found.
  18. J

    App to send text message from a customized phone number?

    If you sign in to my verizon, you can get the logs of all sent and recieved texts. I was also told by someone that you can contact verizon and get a copy of the actual conversation. I'm not sure how true that is, but it's definately worth a shot.
  19. J

    Mass text msg

    If you use handcent, go into it and open a new message. In the "to:" box, there is a plus (+) sign. Just click on it and you can go down the list and check off everyone you want to send it to. Not sure about the native app because I haven't used it in a long time.
  20. J

    How Can I Send An MP3 File To A Friend?

    I am unrooted, although I doubt that would make a difference. If you are trying to send it to another "smart" phone, you could download the app "bump" on both phones and just share it that way. Sorry, I don't have much else to offer.