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    Fix for this? Plug in earbuds = music play on

    the new droid i got from verizon today is one of the newer ones and the audiod jack is rock solid you were right its ten times better...still starts up music sometimes but doesnt switch tracks or give me distortion
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    Fix for this? Plug in earbuds = music play on

    for me i had this issue while listening to any sort of fix which isnt very good but it works...i use advanced task killer under the menu tab is the services...i kill the media player and that stops it from restarting...on a side note i noticed thats really the only way to kill...
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    Fix for this? Plug in earbuds = music play on

    just called verizon and they are sending me a replacement, well see whats up when it gets here they are giving me ten days to decide which one i want to send back (they didnt say that its just how it works out) i can send back either phone free of right now my current droid can...
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    Fix for this? Plug in earbuds = music play on

    yeah i have a launch one...good call im a little worried they might give me a D2 i read about them doing upgrades even without being asked...i love my droid and even now feel like its superior to everything out there
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    SS 4.8 - More Statusbar Options - Music Controls Incl. BT

    i havent tried since 4.6 gonna give 4.8 a go tonight...i know chevy's is a great rom i just been sticking with saph lately as i went flash crazy and tried fifty in a week last month...really couldnt backup wipe or reactive my phone again it was getting ridiculous im sure itll be good and ill...
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    Fix for this? Plug in earbuds = music play on

    i first noticed this the other day....i had plugged in the aux cable for my car radio and it did the same thing...nice feature but it also causes songs to skip if i move around the wire to much...also happens with headphones while in my pretty sure this is more a issue with a...
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    Official GMail update in market won't install

    should have read your post before i suggested the same thing but either way worked for me too
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    Official GMail update in market won't install

    i used titanium backup to delete gmail, had to reboot to get it to reinstall after everything is cool
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    Navigation Running Hot

    i know its not a fix but 48C isnt that hot...i mean its hot but i work in a kitchen and not doing anything in my pocket the phone is at 45-50C...while browsing or streaming back there ive gotten up to 55...this worried me for obvious reasons but after doing research...the battery is rated for...
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    1.1.1 seems buggy. I think I'm out.

    no my search button works fine...sorry i think anyway...when i hardpress i can do the voice search...soft press i just saw did nothing i guess ill try the fix then
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    Sapphire 1.0+ slowing down internal network?

    you know this may not be related but i also noticed last night when hooking up a brand new belkin router in my brothers that when my phone and a friends evo were on even the wifi wasnt activated we could not connec the PS3's to the router...i shut my phone off and they both connected right...
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    Themers' NIGHTMARE!

    may seem redundant but i just wanted to say that the titanium method of removing google search and reinstalling fixed my problems...i have not encountered any others as of yet (my gmail was fine) i notived someone said gps wasnt working on ruby ill test on my way to work with sapphire today and...
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    What's Red and Blue, and Makes Android Users Happy? Sapphire and Ruby Double Release!

    installation complete...just donated to your cause sorry i didnt earlier but im broke lol THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING...really your roms are the only id consider donating to and not because im cheap but because this one earned its once again thanks for the hardwork!
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    What's Red and Blue, and Makes Android Users Happy? Sapphire and Ruby Double Release!

    did i mention id carry your children in my womb...and im a guy so thatd be tricky...either way im excited thanks for all your efforts and hard work:icon_ banana:
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    Erase data, erase data but save apps, save data

    for me im not really an expert...everytime i flash a new rom i do the same few steps use my backup pro (app) to backup data and apps (apks n data) i save my homescreens with launcher plus i make a back up of my current rom using rom manager i wipe all data and caches a few times (because...
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    Blazing fast for a while, then slows to a crawl?

    /hijack (sorry) how'd you get into the beta? i dont mind being a guinea pig if they need more testers :)
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    Battery Temp?

    I looked into the same and was told the battery is rated for 60 degree celcius max and the cpu is 70 degrees...I work in a kitchen phone in my back pocket streaming a baseballl game and the max I saw was 54 celcius...I put the phone in front of the ac for a minute and changed kernals now I...
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    Compcache(and tempmonitor!)-enabled kernels?

    awesome dude thanks that worked...i check the setting in gem and reboot and when checking setcpu it shows there is a swap active even if term emu wont allow me to do anything lol
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    Compcache(and tempmonitor!)-enabled kernels?

    when i try to do su first i get permission denied errors, all i have really typed is compcache on and compcache appears the toggle on/off says it does something but then stats come back as "compcache does not appeared to be enabled" thanks for the help still kinda new with this