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  1. jscotti

    Looking for some good android dev tutorial vids

    If you download the android sdk, there are some videos in the docs subdirectory that might be useful to you. Jim.
  2. jscotti

    Questions about the update

    I've been using Home++ for quite some time with good success. It gives you up to 7 screens to fill with your favorite apps.... I haven't tried Helix yet, since I've been happy with Home++ & even got my wife to use it on her Droid.
  3. jscotti

    How many actually got the OTA?

    My wifes Droid got the update yesterday, mine got it this morning;.
  4. jscotti

    Droid stuck in startup ???

    We had a problem with my wife's Droid a month or two ago that was solved by popping the SD card out. It was apparently slightly unseated when she dropped it (otherwise it was undamaged thanks to the case it wears all the time). I put the SD card back in and it's worked fine ever since. It...
  5. jscotti

    Wi-Fi quetion

    In other words, unless you know the owner of the wi-fi source or are able to obtain the key then you cannot access that wi-fi. I'm always surprised by how many unsecured wi-fi networks there are around. There are one or sometimes two near enough to my house to "borrow" if our wi-fi goes down...
  6. jscotti

    SUDDENLY -- It WON'T turn on!

    I had a similar problem with my wife's Droid. The last thing I did before I was about to head over to the nearest Verizon store was to pop the micro-SD out. At that point, the Droid immediately fired up (without pressing any buttons). I turned it off and put the micro-SD back in and it...
  7. jscotti

    Google Talk calling

    I don't see how to use Google Voice to interact with Google Talk on another machine. In any case, I've installed it and am waiting for a GV account which I hear can take a while..... Thanks.
  8. jscotti

    Wi-fi issue

    Of course, it worked fine connecting to my home wi-fi when I got home tonight.....
  9. jscotti

    Google Talk calling

    Is there an app that will use the Google Talk protocols for VoIP calls like the PC version of Google Talk does? The Talk app on the Droid doesn't have a call option. It would be nice to use the Droid for this rather than having to wait to get to a PC with a headset..... There was an app or...
  10. jscotti

    Call Over The Internet

    Does Google Voice do that?
  11. jscotti

    Wi-fi issue

    I've been having some trouble with the auto-connection to my wi-fi at home. It sees the wi-fi network but won't automatically connect to it. I go into wi-fi settings and have to power off the wi-fi and power it back on in order to get it to auto connect to my home wi-fi. I don't seem to have...
  12. jscotti

    OTA Updates Possible Before The 11th?

    The install went fine. It took about 5 minutes with the Droid eye going full throttle for most of that time after the download bar finished. I'd agree with others that scrolling is the first improvement you see. I haven't had a chance to play too much - time for bed here in Arizona.... BTW...
  13. jscotti

    OTA Updates Possible Before The 11th?

    Yip-yip-yip! Update arrived and in process. Not sure when the popup appeared, but I noticed at around 11:59 MST. Could have been anytime in the last 15 minutes.
  14. jscotti

    OTA Updates Possible Before The 11th?

    Maybe I should start downloading the update file....
  15. jscotti

    OTA Updates Possible Before The 11th?

    I'm trying to ignore my Droid so maybe the update will appear.... Nothing yet at 21 after the hour....
  16. jscotti

    OTA Updates Possible Before The 11th?

    Only 21 minutes to the next round of updates. No sign of activity on my Droid. I guess a watched Droid never updates....
  17. jscotti

    OTA Updates Possible Before The 11th?

    According to this report, "The update is being deployed now, and should reach all handsets over the next 48 hours." I hope that is correct rather than the reports of a slower gradual release mentioned recently.
  18. jscotti

    Droid Volume Excessively Low or Acting Differently than in the Past.

    I had a similar (if not the same) problem. I found that when I used some earphones with the earphone jack and then removed the earphone plug from the jack, the sound only came from the phone speaker and was thus very quiet no matter what I tried with audio settings. Both times happened when I...
  19. jscotti

    OTA Updates Possible Before The 11th?

    This reminds me of the old question: How do you keep a moron in suspense? p.s. No update in Tucson either....
  20. jscotti

    contact issue

    I had the same kind of problem and discovered an option under "edit contact" to separate a set of contacts that are grouped or to join ungrouped contacts. Jim.