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    Is there an App for that?

    I've been using PhoneMyPC from the market for over a year now with my original Droid and now my Bionic.
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    looking for another app like Screebl

    I may be wrong about this but it could be a reporting problem and not a Screebl problem. I notice that I have no display useage reported whatsoever on my Bionic. I think, since Screebl is keeping the display on, that it is being reported instead of the display. Just a guess.
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    Dollar Store Micro USB?

    I bought a mess of them at a dollar store to use with the HH Computers we have at work. Some worked, some didn't. We did find that the wires were resistive and were seeing a voltage drop of over a volt on some of them.
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    How do pics from my PC end up on my Droid?

    Settings->Accounts & Sync->[Your Gmail Account] Uncheck the Picasa Sync
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    Soo....SMS through Google Voice is free right?

    Sorry, I'm hard to understand at times. Pretty much only Verizon works where I live so most people don't have unlimited plans because almost everyone they communicate with is with Verizon and "In".
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    Soo....SMS through Google Voice is free right?

    But for Verizon customers with limited texting plans your Google Voice SMS isn't free for them. I block people that cost me. Just something to think about.
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    Home cradle

    I went through a lot of effort trying to get the default alarm clock to work the way I wanted. I didn't want it to go into sleep mode but you couldn't turn that "feature" off. On 2.1 and 2.01 it worked perfectly so I tried loading the 2.1 apk but that didn't work. So I finally broke down and...
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    Swype getting worse?

    I thought I was just getting sloppy with my swyping.
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    Multimedia Dock Station Screen Always On - How?

    After days of frustration I found Better Alarm Clock. I agree you shouldn't have to install a third party app just to turn off the screen saver "feature."
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    Update to Android 2.2

    Actually, you don't scroll down. You push the window up. Try moving your finger from bottom to top.
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    Switch reset time

    In the stock email app it's Menu->Email check Frequency
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    Update to 2.2 Void Warranty

    I'm not sure if it's true of all downloads. But the one I have for FRG22 has a Kernel Version with the email address of the person that offered it appended to it. I'm not sure if that's been done with the FRG01B download. If a cranky Verizon employee saw that, they may balk at replacing under...
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    Turn off Shuffle!

    This just started happening to me. I havn't found a solution. I'm using this post as a bump.
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    Swype with Froyo

    I updated to Froyo with the forced update. Swype stopped working. The Swype Installer didn't work either. So I uninstalled both Swype and the installer and requested a new one from the beta site and all is well now. I would be very unhappy without Swype.
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    the camera sucks!

    I have found that almost any other camera app takes better photos than the stock app. I made a discovery yestday with the stock camera app. If I hold the on screen button to lock the autofocus and then move the camera a few inches forward and then release to take the picture I get a nice clear...
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    Droid Nicknames

    My roommate named mine Christine because I talk to it and it talks back and it's creepy.
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    how much do you pay for your monthly bill on the droid incredible?

    I wonder if you were being charged for premium text plans. A lot of people get duped into them by using text messaging for polls or replying to text messages from unknown people. I know two women who were getting unknowingly charged for them. One of the women was being charged over $30 a month...
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    how much do you pay for your monthly bill on the droid incredible?

    I have 450 minutes 500 non m to m text Data plan My monthly bill is always less than $93. This month it is $92.86 Also I have insurance and that is included in the above total. And I get no discounts, this is their advertised price. I've been on the same plan since December with no change in...
  19. R Sucks!?

    One of my computers has browser debugging enabled and I see one of the scripts they run crashes when trying to access the console. I sent the output from the debugger to their service people. Makes me think they left debug stuff in when they updated the website. I tried setting...
  20. R Sucks!?

    I get errors on a lot of their pages. It's been that way ever since they upgraded the site. I've been trying to use the text spam filter page and it doesn't work at all.