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    Liberty Gingerbread Official Bug Reports

    When you sbf back to 2.3.40 you have to go into the stock bootloader/recovery and do a factory reset/wipe data. You should get into it by either holding the home and power on button while powering on the phone or by holding down the up/down volume keys and powering on the phone. Then you'll see...
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    Droid X (MB809) generic firmware released!

    Fake or not, if this is true what would it even mean? Sent from my DROIDX using DroidForums
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    Ultimate Droid ROM for Droid X

    Your buddy lied. There is no current truly stable/usable UD Rom for the DX and there is honestly probably never going to be. You'll see CM4DX before UD releases his (CM4DX is actually in development but it is quite slow.) I'd advise giving up on UD and waiting for Fabulous's new Apex rom or...
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    HDMI not working is an AOSP DX problem. All blurless roms have this problem. The rom i know off the top of my head that does have HDMI working is DS4.2 Blurless (Which tbh is not really blurless, it's a bit less blur but still quite blurry, or was for me)
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    2.3.15 to 2.3.40

    Could you use the same method if your running the leaked 2.3.15 with Rubix 1.9.0? Wanting to go back and get the OTA then upgrade more haha.
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    Ultimate Droid for DX is out! Still in alpha

    Developer tweaks would probably be the only thing. I know UD's work on the D1 is from what i hear top notch, so I'm expecting good things. Of course with no custom kernals it was probably a lot tougher and he could do less. Of course maybe he's teasing all of us and actually cracked the...
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    [Theme] Flavored Ice- Dark Berry Edition by Jairomeo

    I just wanted to say, your theme is the reason why i could go back to Rubix from SSX (Love blue) amazing theme!
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    Ultimate Droid for DX is out! Still in alpha

    At least we have some info on it. No Blur means I'm definitely liking the direction it's going. I'm not going to donate until the rom is out but if it manages to blow me away (currently running Rubix and that thing kicks ass) I'll donate $2 for sure.
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    Make contact's call(s) always ring?

    Bump? Any ideas at all?
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    Make contact's call(s) always ring?

    Basically, I was wondering if there was any way short of probably using tasker to make it so that a specific contact i have, during a specific time (like at night, when charging) would always ring, and not follow what i set my phone volume to. Some people i know ONLY call at night whenever it's...
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    UD for DX in next 3 days

    This. greatly. EXCITES ME. haha, sorry couldn't help but doing that :P Can't wait though. Never experienced UD's work, and tbh am a bit dissapointed from Chevy's rom on the DX (although that could be because of the kernals and because im spoiled from Rubix's AOSP things/speed) Definitely...
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    Blurry 2.3.20

    Oh really? Do tell.
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    Halloween Double-Special - SS 4.9 and SSX 1.0!!

    Changing the setscaling settings. Undervolting/underclocking (although I just remembered your tools have an overclock setting on them. Which funny is always on even when I'm underclocked haha) but it seems to be help battery life a pretty good amount. Currently at ultra low voltage, 8 or 900mhz...
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    Halloween Double-Special - SS 4.9 and SSX 1.0!!

    Battery tweaks/optimization chevy? Wouldn't mind seeing yours, mine probably aren't as good haha Sent from my DROIDX using DroidForums App
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    itchin for a change, hows Chevys SS?

    I think that a mixture is best. Mainly aosp, with some blur features. Like the camera/email/maybe social networking. The main reason we like aosp is for speed and things. Also, could you look at scaling settings etc and maybe do some more battery tweaks? I've currently done some scaling stuff...
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    Halloween Double-Special - SS 4.9 and SSX 1.0!!

    With some more battery tweaks, this thing would be just completely amazing. So far im doing low voltage, 900mhz with jrummy tools. Good performance, and im fairly sure it's saved battery. anybody else?
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    Halloween Double-Special - SS 4.9 and SSX 1.0!!

    Try using chevy tools to delete the.text messing app/messaging app. I had them but got rid of it by removing one of those apps. I'm def missing things that help save battery, maybe underclock and undervolt it. Sent from my DROIDX using DroidForums App
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    Halloween Double-Special - SS 4.9 and SSX 1.0!!

    Also coming from Rubix 1.0 (Ix theme), good amount of problems. Wiping and reinstalling now. Hopefully fixes them. Oh, and i saw in the settings you could remove the blur apps you didn't want easily. That's a nice part.
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    Simply Stunning X - Coming Soon

    SS Android • View topic - Halloween Double-Special - SS 4.9 and SSX 1.0 Well. Screw homework now haha
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    [ROM] Zero Blur! Zero Lag! rubiX Focused 1.0

    Only three problems so far (and two are probably related to themes but not entirely sure) 1st: handcent is off by a crazy amount of time. Not sure how to fix it, can't find a timezone setting like I heard some people say. 2: when running the ix theme, I updated to the aosp keyboard and camera...