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  1. jlnguyen

    Text Messages going crazy

    the same exact thing used to happen to me all the time when i was using UltimateDroid. ever since i made the switch to PE, i haven't had that problem. my best guess is that some ROM's don't play well with certain phones. an alternative is to use SMS backup and restore and use the scheduled...
  2. jlnguyen

    Screenshots of peoples Droid desktops?

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  3. jlnguyen

    {ROM RELEASE} Project Elite 4.1 Source Frg83D w/Gingerbread parts

    worked perfectly, thanks!!
  4. jlnguyen

    {ROM RELEASE} Project Elite 4.1 Source Frg83D w/Gingerbread parts

    Is there any way to go back to the old phone app? I'm definitely not a fan of the new interface. It's a big hassle when I try to hang up calls.
  5. jlnguyen

    Unofficial ..PE is sweet, thanks for this ROM thread

    This ROM is absolutely amazing. I've only ever used Bugless or UltimateDroid but both always seemed to have the exact same (and very annoying) bug: my stock SMS app was constantly forceclosing then deleting all my texts. This is the first ROM i've used that is absolutely flawless! I haven't...
  6. jlnguyen

    UD1.0.0 Revolution theme

    yesssss!! this theme looks amazing! thank you so much!
  7. jlnguyen

    Please Help - Texting Error ( has stopped unexpectedly)

    bump because i have the same problem whenever i try to use a custom rom
  8. jlnguyen

    UD8 issue phone/sms

    i've been having the same problem. all my texts keep getting randomly deleting because the sms app hangs. i don't have a task killer either... :(
  9. jlnguyen

    [Theme][frg22d OTA] RZ's Mr. Carpainter DarkSide/LightSide

    looks absolutely amazing! thanks!
  10. jlnguyen

    Leaked FRG22 Update Available for Rooted Droid 1

    downloading now. thanks!
  11. jlnguyen

    [ROM STABLE] Android 2.2 FRG01B (Clean, Untouched, Virgin)

    i'm running this rom w/ the kernel that came with it... and to my surprise, its running faster than when i was on BB 0.4 with 1.0ghz kernel. battery life is MUCH better too. thanks a lot pete!
  12. jlnguyen

    This is how you get 10 days battery life.

    that pretty much defeats the purpose of having a phone. lol.
  13. jlnguyen

    how do i tell if my txt was received

    in the stock messenger, it'll say at the bottom of the text either "sending..." or "sent at *time*
  14. jlnguyen

    free ring tones

    i just use the RingDroid app to make my own ringtones from my music folder.
  15. jlnguyen

    Need For Speed: Shift DEMO OUT NOW!!!

    stealing links and not giving credit where its due. gj brah.
  16. jlnguyen

    Restore old baseband?

    thanks for the upload! i think the latest baseband has been causing the terrible battery life i've been experiencing...
  17. jlnguyen

    Black Notification bar only

    this is the notification bar i'm using. it looks awesome imo.
  18. jlnguyen

    Froyo / BB.1 messaging app

  19. jlnguyen

    [UPDATE] New settings for stock messaging app

    sure, here's my mms.apk Mms.apk
  20. jlnguyen

    HTC Status Bar for Froyo

    i've been looking for a black notification bar for 2.2 for awhile. thanks for this, op!