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  1. Deuel

    Sapphire 2.0.2 blacked out update...

    Looking forward to this. My favorite theme for Sapphire.
  2. Deuel

    [THEME] Executive Series

    They have this link and have seen your donate link. We'll see what happens. LOL
  3. Deuel

    [THEME] Executive Series

    Noticed your Pandora widget defaulted to gray when in landsacape. Here's the one I'm running.
  4. Deuel

    [THEME] Executive Series

    Carl, Have to say this is by far the best theme available for any ROM. I've personally helped a number of exec's load up Sapphire to run this theme. Thank you and keep the good work!
  5. Deuel

    Drop box referrals here

    Help me get enough storage to make this useful in sharing graphics with Church leadership when I prepare Sunday messages. Thanks!!
  6. Deuel

    Suddenly Running slow today out of nowhere

    Only when you feel it will help. Any time you flash a new ROM, the cache is created on first boot. The increased activity following a new ROM flash builds the cache quickly. Just clear it a few days after a new ROM is installed and you should be good to go for quite a while.
  7. Deuel

    help all my old contacts are copied 10 times!

    SharonDet is correct, but this needs to be done from your PC. The option is not available on your phone.
  8. Deuel

    Navigation Running Hot

    I agree with pdroid in that Nav will run hot no matter what you do. The only adjustments I've found that work are lowering the max speed, and moving my dock out of direct sunlight and near an AC vent.
  9. Deuel

    Navigation Running Hot

    Although most stock non-rooted users are not monitoring temps, I'd like to hear what they experience while running Nav for any peroid of time. I've seen many posts saying that you should go into SetCPU and bump your max speed down to near stock speed while using Nav. Give it a try and let us...
  10. Deuel

    Suddenly Running slow today out of nowhere

    You may want to check out CacheMate from the market. The free version will let you clear all caches on demand. The Paid version will run on a schedule and at boot. It's kept my Droid flying when I stay on a ROM for a while.
  11. Deuel

    Suddenly Running slow today out of nowhere

    Use this from Terminal Emulator: su sysrw cd /data/dalvik-cache rm * sysro Then reboot. This boot will take longer than usual.
  12. Deuel

    Change Boot Animation

    Sounds like the R2D2 boot animation is not named correctly. If you copied it to /data/local and it didn't overwrite the 928 boot animation, it's not named Maybe it's mistakenly named
  13. Deuel

    1.1.1 Sapphire Release and an Anoucement

    Check the CCROMs wiki. bgill55 has 3 themes up already. sapphire:releases:1.1.1 [CCRoms Wiki]
  14. Deuel

    Is their any themes for ruby rom for Inc.

    You may want to check over in the CVPCS and bgill55 forums. They're saying that Sapphire themes will work on Ruby and all CCROMs because they all share common code. Only the device proprietary files are different and are not involved in themes. Just backup and give it a shot. Just make sure...
  15. Deuel

    led not working with handcent and 1.1

    To get the notification to work when the screen is off, try this: Menu>Settings>GEM Settings, check the box on "LED while screen on" Let us know if that works for you.
  16. Deuel

    I got a droid 2 for a droid 1 warranty replacement

    Actually one of the best answers I've seen about battery "conditioning" is the following post:
  17. Deuel

    CM6 final is here!

    Go to Menu>Settings>Applications>Development and check USB Debugging.
  18. Deuel

    Swype for 1.0?

    When trying other ROM's, I've had this problem too. I noticed that at the end of the Swype install, a popup will confirm that the program is registering. When it fails to confirm registration, it will not swype for me. I've had to uninstall and reinstall a couple of times to get it working.
  19. Deuel

    Where to download nextheme?

    No problem. Tons of great info there. You may also want to check out cvpcs's github for changes in upcoming releases: CHANGELOG
  20. Deuel

    Where to download nextheme?

    This link will give you nearly all themes available for 1.0: The NexTheme can be downloaded here: