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  1. johnomaz

    Long time favorite keyboard app Swype is no more.

    Swype was my go to keyboard for years but I found myself using Google's keyboard because they copied Swype. That being said, Swype was getting bloated and slow. The accuracy went down for me and the autocorrect was miserable later in its life too.
  2. johnomaz

    Oreo lagging way behind: only on .7% of devices

    OEMs seem to be scared of Treble I think. Staying back on Android 7 or lower so they can update their custom UI but not the system. <3 8.1 on my Pixel 2 XL
  3. johnomaz

    Project Fi creates an unlimited plan

    Ug, my wife and I had that plan and we ended up leaving it which ended up with us returning to TMobile a couple months later.
  4. johnomaz

    Some Bugs Are Popping Up On Pixel Devices Running Android 8.1

    My fingerprint scanner is thankfully still fast as it gets, but my screen does flicker when I turn on or off the screen with either button or scanner. I am trying disabling ambient screen and adaptive brightness as some have said it stops. If it does, I can wait until a patch to turn those...
  5. johnomaz

    Android Wear Oreo Is Coming To These Devices

    I want to get a new smart watch but it annoys me to no end that the batteries don't last all that long and you are stuck with a paper weight. My Moto 360 before its 2 year birthday became a desk clock on its charger because the battery was abysmal and I had very good battery life the first...
  6. johnomaz

    The Huawei P11 May Come With a 40MP Camera On Board!

    Its still a teeny tiny sensor. It doesn't matter how many pixels they pack into it, the fact the pixels are tiny as hell is what makes phone pictures subpar compared to basic shooters let alone DSLR.
  7. johnomaz

    Microsoft Now Selling Microsoft Edition Galaxy S8

    Truthfully, I'd like to see what they've done with it and how it feels. I wouldn't buy one myself but to see how it functions peeks my interest.
  8. johnomaz

    Pixel 2 Camera Exhibits Strange Banding Under LED Lights

    If its a LED light connected to AC power it'll flash under a slow motion camera. Too fast for us to pick up but its there. The camera is picking that up.
  9. johnomaz

    DEAL: NVIDIA Shield TV Discounted To $170

    I played HalfLife 2, Prey and Doom for sure but I know I played a few others. The worst I saw was a rare pixelation because of compression but that was usually when a gradient was on screen like a sunset or something. Same kind of thing that happens in YouTube videos and what not. IMO, not a...
  10. johnomaz

    DEAL: NVIDIA Shield TV Discounted To $170

    Its actually pretty good. Since it uses your video card for compression and the gaming hardware in the Shield for decompression, its much faster than something like the Steam Link (I have both BTW). The only game that I found difficult to play was Rocket League. That tiny tiny bit of latency...
  11. johnomaz

    Display Mate Deems iPhone X Display Most Innovative Best Performing Ever. Do You Agree?

    Remember when the Moto 360 came out and people slammed it for the 'flat tire' at the bottom of its round screen. Apple removed a portion of the screen and its suddenly innovative. IMO, its a stupid 'feature' and a feature.
  12. johnomaz

    Clicking Noises In Pixel 2 Is Being Fixed In An Upcoming Update

    my 2XL has been just fine too. I did notice what others are calling screen burn in but it goes away if you play a video or something. I think its more like this Image persistence - Wikipedia than screen burn in.
  13. johnomaz

    Google Responds To Display Dismay Will Provide Updates To Fix Consumer Concerns

    I think what they are saying is that any screen burn in is a fluke. Sure time will tell but it was meant that their displays are on par with other displays, not other displays are bad. As for the vibrant colors, I'm loving the true color of the Pixel 2XL. I'm used to it from my monitor...
  14. johnomaz

    Android 8.1 Developer Preview What's New?

    And this exact reason is what guides my hardware purchases.
  15. johnomaz

    Turn On Saturated Colors On The Pixel 2 With Oreo Colorizer

    I got mine 2 days ago. I'll install this and see how it looks. IMO, the color the 2XL gives now is quite pleasant. No, its not saturated and I'm probably used to it with my photography hobby (my monitor is calibrated and looks similar to my phone's screen). ....theres no link. Oreo...
  16. johnomaz

    Pixel 2 XL Display Woes Continue With New Burn In Issues

    Damn, I may cancel my order tonight. Its supposed to ship tomorrow. I dont' care about the viewing angle or even colors that aren't perfect, but the burning in, thats not cool.
  17. johnomaz

    Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Devices Have Now Started Shipping

    Man I really wanted a Panda XL. But I couldn't get my cart to checkout for ages with that one in there. Had to switch to the all black one. Oh well, I plan on putting a DBrand skin on like my first gen Pixel XL to keep it protected from minor scuffs and such.
  18. johnomaz

    Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Devices Have Now Started Shipping

    I got my preorder in on day one., mine ships on Ocdt 23rd.
  19. johnomaz

    Incredible Photos Shot With Pixel 2 Published By Google

    I've shot some beautiful pictures on my Pixel XL that I know I wouldn't have gotten on any other phone. I can't wait to give the new camera a whirl when my order ships.
  20. johnomaz

    The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Are Now Official!

    I was on the fence too but then front facing speakers. I find myself using my phone a lot more these days now that I no longer have TV service. My wife may be watching netflix on the TV so I'll use my phone. The camera, I always want and love new/better cameras on phones. It helps me not to...