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  1. UrbanBounca

    Last Post Wins Version 3

    I'm doing the exact same thing right now. I'm going from Windows 10 back to Windows 7. My older PC doesn't like 10.
  2. UrbanBounca

    What is your job?

    When I joined, I was a phone technician. I used to repair damaged devices before places like Sprint had technicians in-store. Since then, I've gotten a Administration of Justice degree, worked in Corrections, but made the move back to IT in 2015. I'm currently an ATM and retail technician...
  3. UrbanBounca

    Best VPN Deal for 2019

    PureVPN has claimed they don't log, but has since been invalidated. Pure Lies: PureVPN's "No Logs" Claims Invalidated By Recent FBI Case | Golden Frog In addition, they were temporarily banned from even posting on Reddit for it. I use a United States based VPN, TorGuard, which they don't...
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    Last Post Wins Version 3

    Does anyone have any good movie suggestions? I have Prime, Netflix, and Hulu, plus a ton of movies on Xfinity OnDemand. I love a good horror and comedy. I'm not big on action.
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    After hard reset what apps should I delete/uninstall?

    I know I'm a bit late, but here's a list of what I've disabled on my Verizon S8 Edge without an issue. Amazon Shopping Android System WebView ANT Radio Service ANT+ Plugins Service Bixby Global Action Bixby Service Bixby Voice Stub Briefing Caller Name ID Cloud Dictionary Gmail Google...
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    You can't simply replace an inverter like you would in an LCD. If the back light is out on a cellular device, you still have to replace the entire LCD.
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    favorite christmas movie

    A Christmas Story Home Alone National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Home Alone 2 Elf Just Friend's (w/ Ryan Reynolds) And in that order. . .
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    Does it not work to the touch or is there no image at all? If it's not working to touch, then the digitizer has failed. If it's not showing an image, then the LCD has failed.
  9. UrbanBounca

    Droidforums: Website or Tapatalk?

    I don't access much anymore, but when I do, it's usually on my PC. I would much rather have a good, clean mobile version than having to download an app such as TapaTalk. At one point, had an awesome mobile version, but it stopped working. I'd love to see it again.
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    Mayweather vs McGregor fight

    I'll watch it if someone else is buying it. You know how you purchase a $60 event because you know it's going to be worth it? Well, this is one that we know won't be worth it, and people are still throwing money at it. I like McGregor, and I can't stand Mayweather, but let's be honest...
  11. UrbanBounca

    Which bluetooth headset do you use?

    Which headset to you use? Would you recommend it? I'm in search for one to replace my old LG HBS-770. I'd love the HBS-1100, but frankly, I'm not spending $100+ on a headset. I need one that has multi-point, and preferably the around the neck type. Either way, what do you have?
  12. UrbanBounca

    MileUp -- Get paid to drive!

    MileUp - Android Apps on Google Play I've made $7.xx since 2/5. The majority of my day is spent driving, so this is a given. The only downside is it requires GPS, so it can go through some battery.
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    Verizon Quietly Makes Some Major Changes.

    I left Verizon back around 2010, went with a regional carrier that was eventually bought out by Sprint. Sprint was terrible, and I signed up with AT&T and a massive employee discount. It's not as fast, but I haven't noticed a difference in coverage in my area. I'm happy with them, and love the...
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    Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Camera Glass Randomly Shattering

    You can get a replacement kit on eBay for $5.99, and it's a really simple procedure.
  15. UrbanBounca

    LG G6 To Feature Glass Back And Wireless Charging

    Wireless charging should be standard on any current smartphone.
  16. UrbanBounca

    "Overheating Smartphones Are Normal" -Samsung

    "If they truly believe this garbage, I will never buy another Samsung." - UB
  17. UrbanBounca

    Unlocked HTC 10 Includes Verizon Bands, But Won't Work On Verizon!

    They do, but like most of their promises, they're empty.
  18. UrbanBounca

    iPhone doesn't get my texts

    I believe you may still be blocked. I don't think it's an issue with your device.
  19. UrbanBounca

    Samsung S6 Marshmallow Update Issue-Fingerprint wiping the Phone with no Warning after 5th Attempt!

    That's not a Marshmallow issue, that a device policy issue. Your policy administrator should be able to change it. I have Marshmallow with fingerprint scanning on my S7, and it doesn't wipe anything. I've been locked out 39 seconds at a time, but that's it.
  20. UrbanBounca

    Begging for Help! Voicemail Retrieval

    It's not likely they kept your voicemail because once you port, your number is deactivated with the previous carrier, and your account closed with a final balance.